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What to Wear With Denim Mules Shoes in 2018 – Outfit Inspiration

In the last article, I talked about some accessories and clothing items that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Today, I’m offering you a few ideas (that involve one of the items discussed last week) that I used in order to create a comfortable and cool outfit for the remaining summer days. Let’s make these days memorable with an amazing look!!!!!


Do you want to know how I created this look?

Usually, every outfit that I create has a basic element that I want to emphasize as much as possible. This time, I started with the accessories, because recently I purchased a pair of denim mules, a red Tods mini-bag, and a pair of red “cat eye” sunglasses. Therefore, the outfit I had in mind was ought to be simple, but sophisticated and, at the same time, comfortable and trendy.

As I didn’t want to risk very much from the beginning, I started from a pair of shorts that I transformed in a skirt (one pair of scissors, a little bit of imagination, and this is the result). However, due to the fact that I like to be different, I decided to play with the styling a little bit. Therefore, I wore the skirt in an unusual way (you can see all the details below).

Regarding the top, I decided to wear a 100% cotton men’s shirt, this being a perfect choice for the very hot summer days. This shirt was diagonally overlaid and accessorized with 2 clips. These details depend on each and everyone’s taste, style, and body shape. In my case, this stylistic choice not only highlighted my waste but also kept the oversized effect of the shirt. Additionally, I used two handmade (by me, of course) seashells necklaces, as they represent a new must-have in the world of accessories.

Taa-daaa! A very comfortable and perfect outfit for these last summer days and nights. The color balance between strong red and the shades of blue denim offers a young, harmonious style and a childish, but a strong character all at once.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga