What to Wear to a Fashion Event

How to dress and accessorize according to the event?

Here is it! The most waited period of the year – February. A very important month in terms of fashion, and beauty in what consists events. Depending on the occasion, our attire must be in line with the show or event where we wanted to go. In this article, I will show what I called stylistic ideas for the Event Yves Saint Laurent – Beauty, an exclusive party where it celebrated the news about the most daring Parisian brands at Sephora cosmetics store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.



The event organized by Sephora – YSL Beauty was to promote its new products in the field of beauty such as mascara, lipstick, foundation etc. I was super excited about this invitation, so the first question that came to my thought was: what outfit will suit me best?

Because I was informed of all the details such as place, time, type of event and it was very easy to me “building” the outfit that I wear to this event.

Step by step – Attire! This outfit is composed of:

  • A sweater – wool collar roll, white, keeping up with winter trends.


  • Male jacket – this is a must-have item in a woman’s wardrobe. It is a stylish element, an office one that can be worn both in formal attire with a pair of jeans/ denim skirt or converted into a statement piece like I did.


  • Accessory – as the accessory I used a pair of silver earrings with floral details Supersize H & M because the hairstyle offered me this opportunity offering me a brightness face. For the bag, I used a black leather one purchased from Mango with a simple structure.


  • Shoes – a key element for my outfit, boots above the knees with pointed muzzle and mini-heel. A super trend nowadays that can by easily accessorize, and provide an impressive effect for my outfit.


  • Hairstyle / Makeup – for hair I used a wet hair that I gathered in a loose tail, thus highlighting makeup with eyeliner, and a mate pink-nude lipstick.


With all this, I have won some outfit rules and these are a classic outfit with an evening vibe in combination with an official one, and of course a personal touch.

4 clothes ideas that save me every time when I have to participate in some events:


  • Total black outfits – it is a dress code for the high-class events, formal, or evening nights like: charity dinners, movie premiere or theater etc. A totally black outfit will always be in trend and it is difficult to go wrong, and for that, we have a number of advantages: it offers elegance, creating an optical illusion of the body (we know very well that black thinning), and allows us to have an outfit stylish and save.


  • Accessory – any simple outfit can be expressed and taken out of the crowd with well-chosen accessories. For that always appeal to bracelets, rings, and earrings Supersize / Minimalist, with simple structures to create a simple and clean effect. For this, if you want to put in value your outfit by simple accessories, you can click the link Jewelry.


  • Key issues – we all know very well that all fashion houses offer some statement elements each year. A pair of tall boots in combination with a dress, denim skirt or sweater oversize will make the boots to be the top of your outfit so you can use them with confidence.


  • The Simplicity of an outfit – all the time I want to give a good impression when I get in touch with some people, so every time I try to avoid low-cut neck, mini-skirts which can give you a vulgar look. We can emphasize the bust and the long legs with other stylistic ideas. Good taste will always be appreciated!


These are the tricks that I used and gave me a result full of harmony based on my figure. Get inspired, be yourself and create your own universe. The way we dress says something about us, about taste, about personality. Remember, Fashion passes, style remains!

For those that are interested in these events in terms of fashion:

# A new event in the Haut-à-porter fashion week in Milan on 23-26 February 2018 – The One Milan offers the opportunity to explore and buy seasonal collections A / W 2018-2019 of major international brands. Shows present spring clothing, furs, leather and fashion accessories from all segments.

#Fashion 2018- Milan Fashion Week is recognized as the most luxurious, because of its participants: Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci, Philipp Plein, Dsquared2, Max Mara.

New York Fashion Week  Autumn/Winter 2018 –  8-16 February
London Fashion Week  Autumn/Winter 2018  – 16-20 February
Milan Fashion Week  Autumn/Winter 2018 – 21-27 February
Paris Fashion Week  Autumn/Winter 2018 – 27 February-6 March

New York Fashion Week  Spring/Summer 2019 – 6-14 September
London Fashion Week Spring/Summer  2019 – 14-18 September
Milan Fashion Week  Spring/Summer  2019 – 19-25 September
Paris Fashion Week  Spring/Summer  2019  – 25 September– 3 October


Dates can be flexible, and it often happened that the program has changed with a day/two earlier or later the shows.


Thanks to Photographer: Ali Khalife