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New Year’s Eve outfit always brings a new issue for all of us, because for many it is not so easy to decide how to dress in a such a special evening so I will make some examples with some pictures that I’m pretty sure that will inspire you:

  • Trends
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Make-up
  • Footwear

We all know what means New Year’s Eve, huh? Besides outfits, joy and fun with family or friends are the transitions from “old to new” is the night of changes, desires, and formation of new targets for the New Year. Such a special moment needs to be unique, spectacular and memorable and for this, all details must be chosen in the smallest detail.

2018 is the year of the zodiac- earth dog, even though on February 15, 2018, receives the bar, let’s start the very first day of the year under the good auspicious and be ready for all the changes that might bring, huh? It is a symbol of protection, security, and intelligence. Yellow is associated with intelligence, is the color of the ground before become green and is associated with the mystery of resurrection, it is a warm color, expansive and most animated color, so in Mexican cosmology, yellow is called the symbol of youth.

So, that emphasis is placed on all tones of yellow: yellow, sandy, lemon yellow, mustard yellow to various shades of brown. Brown is a warm color which does not belong in the rainbow colors and can be obtained by mixing yellow and black or gray.

Use different shades of the same color starting from the key color.

To have a perfect outfit on Year’s Eve, be daring and sensual.

Yellow dress can get you out from the crowd

We know that femininity is emphasized much better when women are wearing a dress. The dress was designed to highlight certain parts of the body and are able to emphasize the sensual body parts: shoulders, bust, waist, hips, and legs. Thus a yellow dress will be able to take YOU out of the crowd and look your best, regardless of place and circumstances because it is the color of light and life.

Satin, chiffon, velvet, lace and other fabrics can even be a very inspired choice.

The beneficial effects of yellow color

Yellow color stimulates the nervous system, increases the digestive capacity, improves tone making us feel fit, gives warmth, admiration, stimulates sight, soothing psychoneurosis, the focus of attention, prone to communicative deep, gives a state of mental accomplished.



Dress in shades of brown

Dress in shades of brown can be a perfect choice depending on the location that you chose. Regardless of texture, details that are applied or not, even in its simplicity you can create a seductive outfit, elegant and refined without too much exaggeration. Because of these shades of brown you have a wide range of colors that you can play easily. Brown is a color associated with the earth, so naturalness, simplicity will have a powerful effect on people around you. (In a very pleasant way, of course), reassuring, rationality, stability, loyalty, and a statement brown color is synonymous with comfort.

What should we wear on New Year’s Eve 2018 – outside look

You want to change the location of the New Year, with a restaurant or club, a cottage, an outdoor event or a place that does not require an elegant outfit? There is no problem because the solutions are. Here the things are easier because you are allowed to play easily with trends. The outfit can be made super simple with a quilted oversize jacket or an oversized coat preferably is to maintain color range mentioned above: yellow / brown (remember that between a light color and a dark there are a lot of shades, use different shades of the same color starting from the key color). The interesting point can be maintained only at the top so with a super wide sweater and a pair of super long boots (without heel or a medium one) will get rid of this problem. You can access the article on A/W Trends 2017/18 to get some inspiration.


Is usually a relief for many of us because it can totally change the look. If for some reason you have not managed to find the outfits in the ranges mentioned there is no problem, shoes can change everything. We can choose boots, shoes, ankle boots and even other models depending on taste, in any shade of brown or yellow. In this case, only a simple accent can really well be pointed out an outfit from the crowd.

What accessories (jewelry) can we use on New Year 2018 and after

What accessories have the highest mark this year ?? Chokers! Even if there are people for and against, for me I really love them. I think they are super practical, very easy to integrate into any type of outfit. Made of leather, chains, velvet, lace, organza, metal staples or other accents are exactly what is recommended for zodiac year of the earth dog. To me not just about that, I will provide other options that you can opt for accessories made of different metals with special effects such as silver, or above the copper for the brightness and energy of copper, but its degree natural metamorphosis, give jewelry a strong personality. It carries natural color of copper or spin, creating the effect vintage jewelry minimalist style, large, geometric shapes, both bracelets, necklaces, and rings.


Make-up 2018

Makeup torment or pleasure? I believe that beauty is not about makeup, but as women, we must pay attention to us. Tricks are well known and it is best to take them into account, namely to put accents to highlight what Mother Nature has provided us and to retouch imperfections. It’s very easy for those who want a simple, natural makeup. Here we call a super fancy makeup with eyeliner brown/yellow, a smoky eye in the same range or slightly supernatural in ranges of nudes. You can play with colors and so ultimately will highlight the courage and determination to start a new year full of successes and accomplishments.

Source: Pinteres.

See you in the next article! XOXO