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What to Wear in Rome: Outfit Simple Ideas

Did you think about your next weekend to spend it in Rome? Cool! Because it’s Monday my article is ready, so I am going to show you what options I used for my mini-vacation to Rome, and of course what choices I have made in terms of outfits.

I was home (Milan) and it was the approach of Easter’s holiday but because my religion is Orthodox this year I have not been fortunate to benefit the same free period with that of my colleagues who are Catholics. I enjoyed a week of vacation, and I wanted to dedicate to myself a quiet week as I want to call it. Contemplating on new projects that I want to implement them as soon as possible I thought I should mark my celebration of the Easter in a way that I will remember with pleasure. I wanted so much a weekend to discover new things and to change a little bit Milan’s air.

I did not quite decide on the choice that would do until Instagram helped me in a nice way. A beautiful image with ” Trevi Fountain ” (Rome) appear on my feed realizing then where will be my next destination for the weekend that will come. Yeyyy! I was super excited because I love traveling and I really would like to spend more time on the moments that make me beautiful memories in my heart.

Wednesday night I was in front of the laptop and I was informed about the important tourist spots to visit in a relatively short period, namely from Friday to Monday. All well and good, after all the euphoria question, arises: ” What I should wear during those days? “, ” What I should visit? “, “How is gonna be the weather? ” etc. This time the situation was a little more delicate because it announced on the daytime maximum temperature reached somewhere 23-24 degrees but in the morning and evening were announced exchange temperatures around 11-12 degrees. These temperature oscillations are not exactly my favorite, but this challenge was able to put my creativity in motion choosing different combinations for my outfits.


2 Spring Outfit Ideas For a Weekend in Rome


  1. First Look– The first day I decided to wear a very casual outfit because I was to visit the Vatican. The information that I found on the internet helped me to understand that the tour lasted about 3 hours, so comfortable shoes were a must-have in this circumstance.

This look was composed of:

  • Denim Jacket– Levi Strauss & Co Personalized by me – click here for more details.
  • Crop Top– Stradivarius
  • Sporty Pants– Champion
  • Sports Shoes– Air Jordan

I tend to mention that the outfit for the Vatican must be a suitable outfit which means your legs and shoulders need to cover. Thus during the tour, my jacket was always closed out of respect for that sacred place. After completing the tour and out of that building I could display my SWAG style on the streets of Rome.


  1. Second Look– The second day was dedicated to the Coliseum. A super hot day so I decided to take a blouse exchange because the temperature reaching 24 degrees. As I decided to create this look?

Very simple:

  • Rose Leather Jacket with Metals Reflex– Stradivarius
  • Black Turtleneck– Zara
  • White/Blue Blouse– Zara ( for the second part of the day )
  • Vinyl Pants– H&M
  • Sports Shoes – Nike Huarache

For the second look vinyl pants look for a warm day was not the wisest choice. For the morning temperature, it was kind of okay especially because I am a cold person. So such as sports or casual outfits are the perfect choice for a mini vacation in Rome.

Next time I create a special article of the places that I visited and which ones are my favorites. Until now Rome is in top three cities for me because of its vibe that it sends and its spectacular architecture. Recommendation! Keep away the heels and shoes that will not allow movement for a long time. It is a wonderful city that it is a shame to not be seen in detail!

Less is more! Dial to a principle of life that you want to follow! Do not forget to smile and shine every day.