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WARNING: Equitation can cause extreme HAPPINESS!!!

A new year, a new beginning! Because I feel like I’m still in the period of adjustment to the new year, I thought it would be better for a special moment in my life, but at the same time something to relax. In this article, I will tell you how I spent the last day of vacation in Romania. Photos and video that I posted below say all.

Today I thought to be a “family time” to spend some beautiful and memorable hours with my parents.

I know I have not spent as much time as I wanted with them, but they are sympathetic and say every time that they appreciate every moment spent together and it does not matter the amount of time. It is about quality. Their company relaxes me and makes me feel safe. Of course, all of this because I love them so much, and thanks to them for who I am today.

We like to mark the special moments an for this reason my mother wanted to surprise me and offered me a kind of “walk” namely to spend some beautiful and unforgettable hours at Center Sports Club Equestrian Decebal offering riding school for all lovers of horse riding. I like challenges, I like new beginnings, but what attracted me more and more, was that you come into contact with these noble beings. I admit I am a lover of animals, they make me dip and to say “how sweet it issssss!” But there is something that it cannot be defined. A strong, unique relationship, a secret between me and these animals. Maybe that’s why they say that we always learn something from these wonderful souls.

Because I was fascinated by the idea I decided very quickly, I contacted the person that works at the center, we scheduled, and after I hit the road! So I learned when I really want something I am doing it. I was super excited and also nervous because I gave the hand with “unknown”.

Here it is our destination! A wooded place, a place where you feel energized just by looking at it. This place has two training fields, a modern outdoor terrace, which is a perfect combination of the natural environment. They are used only when weather conditions are favorable. When the weather is capricious they have training fields covered with sand, spacious, and for this center provides for the lovers of this animals specially trained horses to work with fans of all ages.

I took a deep breath and I went inside. Wellbeing has increased even more when I entered inside. We were greeted warmly by three kittens and a puppy very friendly (and this clearly was one of the best moments for the begging) … and of course, the wonderful horses that with their prestige stately quiet in the bars, and there they have the best conditions.

Obviously, I spent some good moments with these wonderful souls, I gave them to eat (delicacies for its apple and carrot), then I went to talk to the coach about the first introductory course for entertainment walking. The relationship between people and the animal will always be a special one because we’re talking about emotions and feelings without using our masks. We can be ourselves because the animal will accept us without judgment, just as we really are.

Horses are considered the most intelligent animals. They can easily learn various commands have a good memory, they are obedient, gentle, strong, they will even have a sense of competition, all of which can be harnessed only if the rider has the same qualities.

Control an animal much bigger and stronger, increase confidence because of possession of the rider. The result – improves self-confidence.

Equitation is considered as one of the noblest sport in the world that makes you discover your own inner passions and the feeling of complete freedom. I had the pleasure to ride an exceptional horse named – World. I think also because of its name made me feel its power and confidence. First training consisted of learning the basics and this means the accommodation with the horse, to understand it, relax the mind and soul, increase morale, proper position by shaping the body in a harmonious way depending on horse movements.

“Horse riding is not only a physical exercise, it is a school of the spirit, where the mind has much to learn and more to understand the soul.”

– Felix Topescu

Riding is a beautiful, elegant sport practiced by people with a strong character, that requires concentration, dedication, and love for horses, and for that, I want to congratulate all those people who practice it.

When I woke up, muscle soreness was present throughout the body, because riding is not an easy sport, but does that matter? This is because the body’s muscles are shrinking and relaxing according to the movement of the horse, and that’s why muscle soreness appeared, but the result is beneficial because you are activating all muscle groups in the body. ( I know this because I did many years of volleyball )

It was a wonderful experience that definitely I will repeat it whenever I get the chance.

Simple things make us think more in outlook and focus on what’s really important.