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Unique Fashion Accessories 2018/2019 – Change Your Style

A new week, a new project. In my previous article, I mentioned that I will present one of my own university projects made this year – FAKE IT! Are you curious to know what this project is about? Then let’s talk a little bit more about it.

My new collection “FAKE IT! ” is based on three accessories – a hat, a bag, and a pair of glasses. The concept is based on the idea of “Inspired, but with the use of your own personality”. Because I like things to be as special as they possibly can, and I also like to be noticed by the people around me, this time I created these accessories using two colors that are not only in trend but also strong tones: MAGENTA and YELLOW.

In my last articles in which I explained what studying Fashion Design means, I detailed all the steps needed to be taken in order to reach the final result, so this time the discussion is more general. It all started when we had to do research on what we want to design, and what inspires us to reach a “wow” effect in a product. Therefore, the mood board (which consists of a composition of images) was made of representative messages (quotes), neon colors, transparency, and a little bit of glitter.


3 Accessories, 3 Ideas. Details about each of them

PVC hat accessorized with handmade flowers – the hat model was inspired by the Spring / Summer 2018 Chanel collection. Of course, as I mentioned above, my own collection concept consists of taking ideas and reinterpreting them. Thus, the hat was created from PVC, and, for the pattern’s design, I used a bucket hat without the top part as inspiration. Everything is handmade from the pattern, the stitches to all the details. The glitter flowers represent the feminine side and the tenderness of strong women.

XXL Bag “FAKE LIKE YOUR CHANEL” – for this bag, the pattern was created after and inspired by the Hermes Birkin bag. It is a handmade work with two types of neoprene, such as magenta and yellow. As unique and representative writing I used “FAKE LIKE YOUR CHANEL”, an ironic comment made regarding the very representative shape of the bag. It can be used in two different ways: either on the shoulder or as a backpack. As the bag is oversized, I preferred to find more practical ways in which you can and want to use this bag.

Visor glasses – for the third accessory I preferred to create something different, specially designed for an editorial. The glasses I used as the starting point of my creation were the ones the workers usually use in constructions. The final result consists of a handmade neoprene visor and the glitter letters “FAKE”, which represent the whole concept of my collection. If you are a person without inhibitions, you can remove the letters. In this way, you can use the glasses in order to create a bold outfit.

All accessories are handmade, inspired by my own personality. I like to express my creativity through different things. As “banality” does not exist in my vocabulary, I try my best not to have it in my life either, especially when it comes to fashion.

Fashion Designer: Bianca Nita

Stylist: Bianca Nita

MUA: Bianca Nita

Photographer: Bianca Nita

Model: Eduarda Santos

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga