TOP Things to Do in Milan ( Italy )

Do you want to spend a weekend in Milan? Do you think if you have time in 2-3 days to reach all those city attractions? You’ve come to the right place because today I thought you briefly introduce to this wonderful city.


Milan is considered the fashion city, a city with an architectural structure very vintage which wanted to keep this air. Always there is the question: “Do I have enough time? “. In the video below I decided to present this spectacular city in just two minutes. I thought to mark only the most visited points all of which are made only in one day 6 am – 10 pm we caught the strengths of my favorite city.


I Will let you down the list of tourist spots marked in the video below.

  • Piazza del Duomo, where obviously you can find Duomo one of the greatest Gothic cathedral in Europe. If you’re already there is a great idea to climb on the roof of the Duomo where you can have both not only the city panorama, as well as the statues that line the roof and architecture itself.


  • Vittorio Emanuel Galleries– somewhere in the middle of this immediately on your left as you come from the Duomo, you will see a mosaic floor with a bull. Being a symbolic element will always see a circle of tourists then you can take this like a landmark. Taurus is the heraldic symbol of the house of Savoy, the old town-rival leaders Turin. And if you are in Milan, you have to do these things: put your heel on where the mosaic went. Take a 360-degree pirouette without heel lift with your eyes closed. They say you will have a lucky life.


  • Castello Sforzesco– the castle consists of several museums (of ancient art, applied arts, musical instruments, and archeology), but you can ride through the castle courtyard you do not have to go inside. Across the beautiful Parco Sempione, you can get into the castle. After a walk in the park you can go toward the right side, and in that direction, you can find Brera.


  • Teatro all Scala –is just behind Vittorio Emmanuele Galleries where you can find even if Piazza Duomo.


  • Naviglio Grande– area is a surprising and little known to tourists. Why? As an elegant and classic structure of Milan does not create expectations of channels like Amsterdam or Venice. Obviously, keeping the proportions (because you can not make the comparison) is very overactive, with many restaurants with different recipes from all over the world, bars and terraces, where Milanese spend evenings for dinner or “aperitivo”.


Enjoy it!