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Top Quality jewelry copper handmade

Welcome to Top Quality Jewelry Copper Handmade!

Every woman has her own natural shine, and to be a stylish appearance, she just needs to wear simple clothes and accessorize them properly to highlight her personal style.
Earrings are a symbol of elegance, plus style and sensuality. Incorporates the face, and if the style and colors match, the face will get brilliant, the ring is the most appropriate accessory for the hands to look more beautiful than ever, the necklaces highlight the most sensual part of the body, namely the neck, and the bracelets are very feminine and sensual and easily adaptable to various outfits.

My philosophy is centered on the concept that you don’t have to compromise luxury and design for sustainability and price. For jewelry my use 100% sourced recycled and re-fined Copper metal in all of my designs, guaranteeing you an eco-friendly jewelry product of the highest quality. Bracelets handmade are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously, aging gracefully as they last for years.

With its exotic luster and warm hue, copper makes a chic and trendy choice that adds instant sophistication and posh to any outfit. Browse my attractive range of copper jewelry in natural color and Patina with vintage effects in different shades of color. Each piece of copper jewelry is handmade and is based on unique items.

Health practitioners and scientists have studied the beneficial use of copper jewelry. Dr. Helmar HA Dollwet, Professor of Biology, University of Akron, Ohio, USA. has studied the connection of copper jewels and believes that dissolved copper traces entering the body through leather from a copper jewelry could be the only way for many people to get the copper they need.

“Copper is an essential trace mineral, present in all body tissues, which plays a role in the formation of connective tissue, and in the normal functioning of muscles and the immune and nervous system” – Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. (read more)

Copper is an essential element for the enzyme that regenerates the cartilage lining our bones and to clean up the radicals destructive to human tissues.” – The Copper Bracelet and Arthritis, Dr. Helmar H. A. Dollwet, Professor of Biology, University of Akron, OH

Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat, and is thus absorbed through the skin. Think of a bracelet as a time-release source of copper.” – Dr. R. Walker, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Copper chelates are more effective and less toxic than drugs being used to treat arthritis.” – Dr. J. Sorenson, University of Arkansas, USA.


Regardless of the myths surrounding the cupro-therapy value through the power of wearing copper jewelry, the warm tones of jewelry make them “must have” for any woman who has to feel aesthetic.

For all those who are keen to know about copper benefits, you have answers for each question below: