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The Secret of Great Style is to Feel Good in What You Wear

A new week, a new beginning, a new article! Today is Monday so I decided to introduce another university project and some course details about the meaning of Fashion Design.

If you follow me I’m pretty sure you remember the article I DO NOT DO FASHION. I AM FASHION ( If you didn’t see this article you can click the title for more details ) that I explained in detail about one of my university projects and what it means to study Fashion Design. This time I will talk about my friend Ali Khalife’s project and about how he designed all the details.

Important steps to obtain an interesting garment

In fashion, there are two categories of clothing

  1. The wearable ones
  2. Those that can be used to catwalk or photoshoot.


The wearable clothing refers to products that are designed for buyers. These products after they are presented in the fashion catwalks in the coming weeks can be purchased online or in stores.

For the second category, many people do not understand that when they creating a new collection behind there is a CONCEPT. Any brand has its statement pieces that representing the brand itself (Burberry coat, Miss Dior dress etc.), but when you have a concept that changes the basic ideas in this way they must create some pieces with a WOW effect but of course you can not use them in everyday life. In FASHION we have the freedom to create whatever is possible or impossible as many designers will say.


For this photoshoot, we will talk just about the second category. The project was realized for the course ” Project Methodology “, where we have the opportunity to use our own creativity and to combine both wearable material and materials that will not ever use to create clothes. Everything starts with a well-defined research. What means this? When we want to achieve some impressive results we also need as much information to understand exactly our way. It’s all in how we manage to detach from the basic idea and how we can find small streets, but the unique ones that are the key to a spectacular product.

It should be noted that for this project there are five sub-themes that made the concept according to them and we have to open our horizons to create our own story. The final result must be a wearable piece of clothing (which means that it can be used for a photo shoot, not made directly on the mannequin). So Ali has created a pair of trousers with a straight light and high waist ( we must not forget that it important to keep in mind the trends ), 100% cotton, brick-red color, decorated with triangles made by rigid plastic than decorated with crystallized powder. Because of its details and a shiny effect that it offers along with body movements, the product came out amazing.