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Will manage the wind, snow or rain to keep us in the house at this time? Never!

There is always some backup plans that we can use in such critical situations I would say. How about a Teddy Bear Coat? If I made you curious below I will provide all the necessary details for a chic outfit, and of course super cool and warm.


It is still winter even if the month where we are not saying this, but we can adapt depending on weather conditions not just by our expectations. So this time it finds it difficult to find my right outfit because I feel that not everything that looks good is comfy & cozy ( you know what I mean ). But as there is a solution for any problem I can say I found it! Teddy Bear coat a soft one (it’s so fluffy) I would say is it an investment in the true sense. This Coat is the new trend in terms of fashion because celebrities and people interested in fashion it take to street style, but also for various events. It is a must-have of the season and a very flexible piece of clothing, and it can be used in elegant outfits, even in casual or sporty outfits as I used too.

Fashion houses such as Max Mara, Miu-Miu or Sandy Liang scored collections thanks to this super boho-chic element. One of the most important details is that we can vary the colors like cream (as I chose), brown or black depending on your preference, considered even a statement piece of winter. Although generally I chose neutral colors like black or gray when it comes to jackets, coats or jackets which are more easily to accessorized and mixed properly in an outfit, this time I wanted to leave my comfort zone and I chose this color that I associate it with the coffee with milk being a lover of it hahaha.

I was not and I will never agree when it comes to talking about natural fur, but you can get a sophisticated look even with this coat that we can prove otherwise, so you can give a glamour look even with the right accessory.


This time I wanted to create a street style look composed of these elements:


  • Teddy Bear Coat– the main element of which I started the outfit. It is an oversized coat above the knees ( with a stylistic trick I transform it in a short one), with classical structure plus hood.


  • Cream Sweater– because is quite cold I want to protect myself from the outside weather so I always want to have the necessary comfort to enjoy the outs with my friends. For all of this such a knitted sweater is the best choice, especially I do not need so many things with this coat.


  • Corduroy pants– do not know why, but in the cold season, I can not use jeans because I feel that are not protecting me but simply emphasize the cold. Thus there are different types of replacement so I used this pair of white milky corduroy pants who simply just protected me from Milan’s cold wind.


  • Vans sneakers– you know quite well that I am not a fan of elegant style so I always take the opportunity and use shoes that give me the comfort I need to enjoy my free time. Super trendy, comfortable and of course a must-have of the season.


  • Blackcap– the outfit should be accessorized and behold by my personal style so for this I was accentuated with this male accessory. I chose a neutral color Black, acquired from H & M.


  • Pouch– another trendy element that is very practical because we know very well how uncomfortable is sometimes to take care of the bag. It is very practical and provides a vintage look.


This coat I bought it from ATMOSPHERE in the summer because we know very well that I need that period the prices are much lower, and we do not have to pay a double price for winter items. When it comes to talking about fashion we say about fun and willingly so a coat like this brings to mind the childhood and our favorite teddy bear that we all had.

One central element and your outfit may look very nice. Taken upon, be yourself and enjoy like children when it comes to fashion and what characterizes yourself. If you match this style, you can also access this minimal look to create different outfits and ideas.

Photographer: Ali Khalife