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Summer Look 2018 – Latest Summer Styles and Fashion Trends

Do you want to make the last week of summer as memorable as possible with a fresh, comfortable, and novel outfit? GREAT! This is the right place to find out how! Today I’m presenting an outfit that’s PERFECT not only for cocktails with your girlfriends but also for a romantic walk with your boyfriend.

Compared to a few weeks ago when I talked about must-have clothing items and accessories for this summer, today, the story of this outfit is built on a cotton white dress. Why cotton? Because we all know that, during this period of time (STILL SUMMER FOR A WEEK), natural fabrics are the most appropriate ones for high temperatures.

Do you want to know how I created this look?

The story of this outfit starts with a cotton white dress with very thin brown stripes. As it is a very simple dress considering both the model and the material, I thought about enriching it with accessories. In order to highlight this clothing item, I chose a knitted leather belt which emphasizes the waist.

Apart from the belt, I also added a pair of round earrings and 3 minimalist bracelets, all of them being handmade from copper. When it comes to fashion, some rules are very much disregarded, therefore, I combined the copper jewelry with a set of cold porcelain bracelet and ring (a very light, comfortable, and flexible material), which offers a more nonconformist effect to the outfit.

Regarding the footwear, I chose a pair of gold gladiator sandals. The model of the sandals brings this outfit to life by removing it from banality. These sandals are comfortable, chic, and trendy for this season.

Wishing to keep the combination between white and brown in the scene, I decided to upgrade the outfit by using a Tod’s mini bag and a scarf that I wore as a headband.

The effect this outfit has consists of lightness, simplicity, and uniqueness, all of them offered through the use of discrete elements which together create a story. I’m wishing you a lot of inspiration and an amazing last week of summer full of memorable moments! HAVE FUN!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga