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Summer Date-Night Outfit Ideas 2018 – Styling + Tips For a Perfect Look

A week passed and is Monday again. The topic that I am gonna talk in my article is based on new trends Spring / Summer 2018. So, today I will present you an ideal outfit for a night out with your friends or why not, with your boyfriend to a romantic dinner on a hot summer night.

We know very well that in this period the temperature is quite uncertain because of its large changes in the atmosphere, and it is quite difficult when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. For spring nights I prefer always to accessorized the outfit with a pair of long pants or a jacket. The outfit that I decided to wear for this article is made by a student that is in the third year in my university (for those who do not know Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milan ). The project was conducted by students that are studying styling in this university.

Now let me explain you more details about this subject. In this university, in the third year, you have the opportunity to choose the way that you want to follow which means that after two years of fashion design where they teach the foundation for all things about fashion you are able to choose your specialization Fashion Design III or Styling.

  • Fashion Design III– in the third year you have the possibility to create three outfits for the presentation that it is gonna be at the end of the year. Only 20 students will present their final outfits on the catwalk.


  • Styling– each is detail such as models, location, makeup, story, editorial represent styling. The stylist is the one that manages to find the concept of the product and to create its own story.


Now after I have made a little introduction to what is fashion design and the opportunities that this university can offer you in deciding your future let’s talk about what interests us.

The outfit that I wore for the photo shoot was composed of:


  • Flared velour pants– A pair of high-waisted flared velour pants will always be in trend, especially when you choose to make it with an emerald green color. Soft material in combination with symmetrical and rigid structure will offer you elegance, and an optical illusion of making your body looks taller. Are super comfortable and easy to accessorize it which is a very important detail. Such a pair of pants can remove a bed circumstance when you don’t know what to wear.


  • Knitted Top– the structure and how it is made a product can totally change its When we think of things that are crocheted, braided or knitted we remember about our grandmothers who made for us sweaters or scarves, but this time we speak of a strapless top that wants to highlight the feminine part of the body: neck and shoulders . A rigid structure composed of braided strands. Delivers a super fresh and elegant look for a night out with your friends or boyfriend.


  • Accessory– to give an accent for this outfit the stylists have decided to accessorize the outfit with a metal chain with a solid structure that combines perfectly with the effect created by the handmade


  • Makeup / Hairstyle– for all of these details the makeup has a natural look the focus is on the lips and the red dot in the middle of the forehead of the representation of different cultures throughout the world. The hair was left in the same natural shade.


  • Shoes– if you want to keep the elegant look you can choose a pair of sandals with strap, platforms or even a pair of stiletto, and for a casual look, a pair of leather espadrilles can be a perfect choice.

A super fresh outfit for a night out especially for this period which I’m sure you will not leave the place without being remarked by others. Details make the difference so the materials and how products are made will make you out from the crowd. Must-have for this year are the high-waisted flared pant so do not hesitate to get a pair like even if the pants are denim or other materials.

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