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Summer 2018 – The New Military Style a Must Have

Military Style a must have in your wardrobe? Here are some simple ideas for a chic but a the same time a trendy and super comfy outfit.

We know quite well that many fashion houses such as Chanel, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren had previous collections as inspiration from a military style. Due to the rigid structure, this style can be presented both in an elegant form, but even as a casual / street style look. This style can be recognized by its specific pattern and its colors such as khaki, green, beige, brown or black. The collection that I am gonna present below was made by one of my colleagues Mery Jeferly which of course wanted to promote this style but with certain details that bring the outfit in our day’s trends.

Why is the military style a must-have for our wardrobe?

This trend has been and always will be considered in trend due to its rebellious way but with some seriousness because of its uniform effect that it has. A versatile style that highlights these outfits give to it the opportunity to be used for different events which means that allows us to change the context of its look just with a simple accessory.

Here are some simple ideas for a cool outfit

A pair of pants with high waist will always benefit your body in any context, and thanks to details like cuts around the hips and specifically military pattern will make your life much easier so in this way you can accessorize it with a sexy top, a white shirt or just with a simple, basic T-shirt.

For winter days a bomber jacket is the perfect choice especially when the bottom of the sleeve is accessorized with fur. Super chic, trendy, and easy to combine it with different items. It can be seen that jacket manages to get out of anomalous because the material has a handmade work with various sequins.

Some basic pieces transformed into a unique way will always help you out from the crowd and with this detail will be easier for you to accessorize any kind of outfit depending on the event. A good look consists in the way that you accessorized it, and the details that will make the difference.

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