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SPRING/ SUMMER 2019 – Colors and Patterns Perfect for Your Looks

A new week, a few pieces of information that will help you understand better the trends for Spring/Summer 2019, and a few ideas for creative outfits.

I did a little bit of research concerning the new fashion trends by analyzing the fashion shows from Paris, Milan, London, and New York. That’s how I discovered the new trends for the spring/summer season.


Colors of the year

Fluo – Neon colors are a must-have this season. With them, you can create super youngish and fresh looks, because neon colors offer a dynamic effect to any outfit.

Goldy Yellowish – Yellow with gold reflections is a pretty romantic and warm choice for the new trends. This color is perfect in combination with the rays of sunlight, and you’ll definitely turn heads with this look.

Juicy Orange – An orange, a tangerine…you can be whatever you want to be, so that you can give your outfit some flavor. This is what the fashion designers also want to express through their new outfits presented on the catwalk.


Courageous Patterns

Tie-dye – Uniqueness is what everyone is looking for in the fashion world. When we use this dyeing technique on a fabric, we can be absolutely sure that the final result will never be found in any other designs.

Traditional Floral – Fabrics with floral effects were and always will be in trend, especially for the spring/summer season, because of the diverse colors and an elegant effect they offer. This pattern is particularly special for seductive and strong women.

B&W Stripes – Refinement comes from details. Therefore, a suit from a fabric with vertical stripes will offer elegance. This is a look that we easily find in the fashion shows from Fashion Week.

Next time, I’ll present the perfect shapes and fabrics for Spring/Summer 2019. Have the courage to be different!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga

Source: Tagwalk