Referendum 2018 Romania – 6/7 October

Today I’m avoiding the fashion topic. Instead, I decided that we (me and my friend, Lexa) will present our personal opinions about the referendum that will take place in Romania, on the 6th and 7th of October 2018. This referendum has as a goal the redefinition of the term “family” in the constitution: the Parliament of Romania voted that the definition should be “a family is formed based on the consent of a man and a woman”, instead of “a family is formed based on the consent of both spouses”, calling the family with a man and a woman a “traditional one”.


Are you for or against this change?

BIANCA: Personally, I believe that any relationship should be based on LOVE and RESPECT. As a result, I really don’t care who shares these feelings with whom. I’m sure that a lot of you agree with me, and I also respect the ones who don’t agree with me, and I’m not here to try and change your opinion. All I want is for you to be well informed. Don’t be influenced by people that, of course, were influenced by other people. Open your eyes to what is really going on in this country.

LEXA: Hi. I’m Lexa and I’m angry. I’m angry that our country, which is a member of the European Union, instead of evolving like the other members of the EU, it stagnates. It even travels back to the past. I’m very against this change, simply because I do not understand who gives us this power to decide who people should fall in love with and start a family. There are so many other problems with Romania at this point in time, and this referendum is used as a mask which covers the important issues. I will not be present and vote at this referendum.


Why do I have this opinion and what makes me maintain it?

BIANCA: Usually, every choice that I make in my life is influenced by the feelings I have. Therefore, I’ll tell you a story that happened in one of the normal days of my “Milan life”. Traveling with the tram to a photo shooting, I saw 2 gay men (a true shock for some Romanians). Both of them were NORMALLY dressed – t-shirt, jeans and snickers – and I really want to point this detail out, because many people (uninformed people) are imagining that gay men walk almost naked on the streets promoting sex. Anyway. The tram was about to leave, and a couple of gay men had to say goodbye to each other. I want to tell you that at the moment they said goodbye and kissed, I felt their love and realized how beautifully they share this feeling. This is love and we should also experience it at least once in our lifetime. In Milan, gay people are everywhere, and they are accepted and treated normally. I have a lot of gay friends and they are simply WONDERFUL! I believe that it all comes down to what kind of people we are, and how we behave in the society. Until now, I haven’t met any gay person in Romania. I can only assume that they are almost inexistent because they left a long time ago in a much more emancipated and welcoming environment.

LEXA: Why not? Why not accept homosexuality? Who am I to deny people this right? Same as Bianca, I have gay friends in Vienna, both girls, and boys, and they are amazing. I don’t understand why sexual orientation is the cause of hate and misunderstanding among people. This is how I’ve always felt. And what makes me maintain this opinion? Respect. I respect gay people and they respect me. Why can they accept heterosexuality and we cannot accept them?


What would my reaction be if my child saw two gay people kissing on the street?

BIANCA: Honestly? I’d be happy, because love comes in different forms, and we can appreciate it more. I’d prefer my child to see only these kind of couples and not men that harass or abuse their wives, children that beg on the streets, hospitals full of infections, and I can go on, but I’ll just mention those and, of course, this “traditional family” they want to implement in your minds.

LEXA: This question has been trending on Facebook for weeks, starting with the idea that people cannot answer that question because it is too difficult. I don’t have children, and I don’t give parenting classes, but I would tell my kids: those two people love each other. However, I’m not moving back to Romania. So, my kids will grow up in an environment in which this question won’t exist anymore or at least in which it doesn’t need an answer anymore. The Romanian people should ask themselves other questions, which are much more important and have complicated answers, or that even don’t have an answer at all…questions related to domestic violence, alcoholism, hospital conditions, healthcare system, and last but not least, corruption. And I beg you from the bottom of my heart, INFORM YOURSELVES WISELY!


A few last points I want to make…

Must I mention the fact that most of the designers in the fashion world are gay?! Well, with this type of “issues” I really don’t understand how they managed to be at the top (rolling eyes). I have a question, not only for Romanian stars but also for the financially strong people from Romania that influence you to vote “YES” to the referendum: when you wear Dolce&Gabbana, do you suddenly forget that they are gay? WATCH OUT! This “disease” is contagious, especially through clothes! (Rolling eyes again)

We all need to learn how to love and respect one another more. It doesn’t matter if we’re black, white, Asian, Indian, heterosexual, homosexual etc.

It is possible that, throughout this article, I referred more to gay men than gay women, because this “protest” that’s going on in Romania is more against gay men. The mindset is that two girls that kiss are lustful and almost every men would like to get in between them because you know, it’s hot, but two men are distasteful.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga

Peace, B!