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  • When you photograph people in Black&White, you photograph their souls!

When you photograph people in Black&White, you photograph their souls!

How to make successful black and white pics?

We all want to have the perfect pictures as the superstars, but not all have this opportunity. Do not be impressed by the look of celebrities in the photographs because very often their image is retouched.

We are aware that not everyone is photogenic, but we can resort to tricks that will help us to look perfect just like in pictorials. According to a global study, 77% of women are afraid of the camera because they think that is not enough beautiful, they not being satisfied with the look, or do not trust themselves.

Details make the difference so any position, gestures or attitude that we want can be seen easily in pictures. So rather than run all life because of the camera, learn how to get friendly with it. Smile, feel good, concentrate on building memories and think how wonderful it is to immortalize all your important and beautiful moments of your life.

Here are some tricks that I used to make this photo shoot:

Know yourself and which are your strengths!

We all know that we have unequal proportions structures, as well as body. Some of us have differences of a few millimeters, others very visible. For all of these personally, I am analyzing myself, and I try to find my perfect angle. All of these I am doing with my old pictures and thus can more easily notice what I like and what I need to modify. We need to keep in mind even the external factors such as weather, light (the key is the right light), and the angle of the picture, so you do not need to feel guilty for your appearance. To give an example I am always using as much as I can my profile because analyzing me better I thought that is the best part of my face, so every time when I have the opportunity I am using it.

We all know that any woman is concerned about how they look, how to dress and what position to stand when they are posing.

Befriend with your camera!

Personally, I love to take pictures, and when I do that I’m sure I need at least 50 frames to choose just one. Camera, because I consider it my friend, when I am photographed I like to adopt different positions that I think would benefit and I am repeating them over and over again until everything looks natural and I am happy with the final result. Naturalness “beating”, but the artificial beauty it feels! So what are you sharing with facial expression, giving up grimacing forced releases of any plan will reflect on what we are doing at the moment and so the photos will be comprehensive. Detachment and relaxation will give you visible results.

What outfit you choose for a photo shoot!

Very important it is to pay attention to your body size and kept the advantage that an outfit can offer you. It matters how you feel and what you want to convey through pictures. Realizing this photo shoot with an outfit very simple, tacky details, would not do anything else just to put me in the second plan, not the first one, and this was not a purpose. Neutral colors fit perfectly here and below you can see a trick that I have used in my pics the BLACK COLOR. Avoid horizontal stripes, not the other but I’m sure you do not want extra kilos!

Details make the difference in the pictures!

The way that we are making our hair, hide imperfections of the skin with makeup and other details will help us achieve fantastic photos. A natural makeup did carefully, an easy emphasis on the eyes or lips will have a powerful effect on your pictures. Because I have blue eyes I am always looking for a natural makeup that can give me a lighter shade to my eyes, therefore I always profit from this advantage. For the hair, I used a wet hair styling which is very loved by celebrities and very trendy. So I made a “Hollywood look” as it is called, fresh, natural and offers an opening to the strengths of the face such as cheeks, lips, eyes.

At a photo shoot, the attractive position has a lot of effects!

When taking a photo shoot all my attention is there, so body posture is important: back straight (if pictures are taken in feet), chin up, eyes to camera, shoulders back and the chest in front. Always look for the alternative of not having an avalanche of similar photos, relaxing me and changing my moods such as thinking, amazed, happy, excited, attractive, seductive, etc. I imagine that playing a role and I translate according to a character. For me, it is very funny! This time as a shooting made at home on the window sill, a touch portrait photos as inspiration with vintage photos, taken by professional photographers transmitting the idea of Young and Restless. The idea was to make a photo shoot, just using snapshots.

How we edit the pictures!

It is no more a secret that now most of the pictures appearing on the internet are modified in various editing programs. For small touches and I appeal I use various programs or applications that help me with different alterations of the pictures on my good well. You can do this even with applications on your phone such as: Facetune, BeautyPlus, VSCO or PicsArt (these are my favorites) or if you want something more professional you can use the beautiful PhotoShop (next time I will present a short video that will I will show how you can edit your photos in just less than five minutes in PhotoShop).

In general in fashion photography, the details often make the difference, so these editing programs are in great demand. Make use of all that you know, to make your job easier. For this shooting I wanted the background to be static, it helped me a lot the amazing view of the sight of Milan. The fact that the pictures were taken in the house, did not help me all the time, because the light bulb does not offer a wow effect, but this time we have used natural light, the pictures being made around the window. ( ideal place for selfies lovers)

The wonderful effect that I obtain with those pics you can see by yourself.

As inspiration, I watched famous photographers who made black/white photos, and in this way the viewer can focus more on the subject, thus eliminating colored elements might escape. So in this way, I saw how the shadows, light and the right view can achieve spectacular photos with vintage effect, even why not with a bit of mystery. As a detail, the pictures were taken from the start with black and white filter, which is every camera have, but it’s good to know that even mobile phones have this option. Test and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

I’m super excited about how these black and white photos came out, so when you choose to change a color photo into a black and white one is when I want to focus solely on composition, subject, and emotions.

For me working with the camera was a moment of passion, relax and entertainment.