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NEW ACCESSORIES 2018/2019 – Tips and Ideas for a Cool and Trendy Look

Have you ever wondered what it offers an impressive effect for an outfit? Are you curious to know the secret for an amazing look? Below I will tell you one of the biggest secrets that I am absolutely convinced that you already know but have not paid attention.

If you follow me from when I started my career in blogging you probably noticed that I always say “the details make the difference.” Why do I say that? You know very well that the accessories are equivalent in the fashion such as flavor for a dish. When we creating the foundation even if we have a simple outfit like a white shirt with a pair of jeans we can associate them with fries and a chicken so imagine their taste without salt and flavors. Everything is dry and tasteless. It has the same role in a proper accessorizing for an outfit. The quantity is one of the details!

In this article, I will give you some examples that you can use when it comes to a simple look but you will want to bring the light out of it. For this collection, I would like to introduce my colleague that was created by Shin Maheshwari in collaboration with the photographer Marina Jovic, and if you are interested in more details you can click on the name to see her awesome work. I am very happy when I have the opportunity to work with talented and cool people who really love their work. (So a little aside from what I think and feel 🙂 ).

What is about?

In the second year one of the courses that I really learned so many things for which I had the honor to have such an amazing, talented, and passionate teacher about his work that of course, he managed to make us feel the same was ” Handmade Accessories “. A course where you have to realize for the final exam a head accessory, a bag, and a body accessory. By the way stay tuned because next week I will present my own collection and I really hope you will like it. Thus the pictures below will make it easier to understand what it is about and of course how the end result looks like.

How can you have an interesting look with simple items?

It is so easy because all you have to do is to choose a bag with a unique pattern or a different fabric that has a special effect and like magic, everything is changed. Now imagine a simple white dress made with a natural fabric such as cotton combined with tulle collar with royal influences that offers this elegant, fresh, and cool effect special for our days. A little information before ending this article and wish you will enjoy the picture below is that some accessories are specially designed catwalk or photo shoots as the head accessory that you will see immediately. I explained last time how to delimited the items in fashion but if you did not just click here and read the article.