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NEON COLORS A MUST-HAVE – Festival Look for 2019

Is your favorite festival coming soon and you want to be the center of attention? Cool! Today I’m offering you a simple idea for your future festival look.

For at least a month I’ve been mentioning the fact that neon colors are a must-have in your wardrobe, and I hope you have already purchased one neon-colored clothing item. This time, I’m offering you a simple idea for a cool, young, and trendy outfit (like always), which, in my opinion, can be used, if correctly accessorized, in several other contexts.

A mix of neon colors

All we needed for this photo shoot was an oversized, neon yellow blouse, a neon pink visor from transparent plastic (inspired by Dior), and a pair of pink sandals accessorized with a pair of neon pink socks, of course. I suppose you ask yourself why I am presenting this outfit as an alternative to be worn at a festival. If you follow me and my blog, you noticed that in the previous articles I mentioned that some of the outfits I present here cannot be worn when you just go out.

Therefore, in order to wear this outfit wherever you want, you have to carefully accessorize it, and here I only refer to the footwear. This outfit is very trendy due to the transparent effect offered by the accessories (the visor and the belt) and the mix of neon colors.

All you need now is the appropriate footwear, and I would recommend either a pair of platform boots (Dr. Martens), a pair of Converse High-Tops 70s, or even a pair of Nike Air Force. The whole concept of an outfit can be easily changed by a small detail.  Therefore, an appropriate pair of shoes can place you in the center of attention.

I wish you an amazing week, full of creativity. If you have some ideas you want to share with me, I’m waiting for your messages!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga