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Must-have Items for Summer 2018 – Simple Ideas for a Casual Look

Did you now that there are some necessary clothing items that each woman should have in her wardrobe, which are fit for every season and never out of trend? Today, we‘ll be discussing some pieces that I‘m pretty sure you‘ll fall in love with.

Now that it‘s summer, all we need is a clothing item that‘s comfortable, and that keeps us cool. During this period, natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton, are recommended. Natural fibers allow the skin to breathe and offer the necessary comfort (just so you know, polyester is very difficult to deal with when temperatures are over 30 degrees Celsius).

This season allows us to play both with colors and with interesting patterns combinations. For this summer, floral patterns are a must-have. Even the top brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino use this floral pattern in order to outline femininity.


Midi & Maxi Dresses

They are very easily accessorized, and they are perfect, not only for festivals but also for Social Media pictures. Due to the uniqueness these dresses offer, they can so beautifully be used for daytime, or for who knows what GNOs or just NOs (haha).

Anna dello Russo


Animal Print Dresses

Loooook! This trend is back agaaain! I believe that if the animal print is used on a very trendy and classic pattern, it will always be WOOOOW when it comes to creating an outfit. This kind of dress will make you SHINE, and it looks very cool, if correctly accessorized.

Anna dello Russo


Flared Pants

Even if they are simple or with a courageous pattern, these pants will never be out of trend. The best part is that they offer a very “loooong” shape to your body and also a seductive attitude.



Mules represent a  very special and comfortable footwear for this season. What more can we ask for than to feel amazing and look amazing?? They can be very easily accessorized because they fit every outfit from dresses to flared pants.

Mid-heel sandals

If you desire a bit of elegance or if you are the type of person that regularly wears high heels, these mid-heel sandals are a perfect choice. They are very comfortable and elegant. Every type of high heels demonstrates femininity, but also style when they are worn in the appropriate context.



Even if “oversized” is the trend this year, mini-bags returned forcefully! Brands such as Chanel, Fendi, or Dior reintroduced mini-bags in the fashion world. They are so very cute and special for simple outfits.

Belt bags

They are a very practical accessory and also very cool during this season. I’m very sure you can easily find such an accessory in your parents’ or even grandparents’ wardrobes.

With only a few fashion objects you can create a simple outfit with a very interesting effect. Mix and use even vintage pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, because these would offer an amazing look, not only because of the way they are designed but also because they offer originality (you can be sure that nobody else will have the same outfit as you). Uniqueness is the KEY! I wish you as much inspiration as possible!

Source: Pinterest

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga