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  • MINIMALISM is believing there is such a thing as enough.

MINIMALISM is believing there is such a thing as enough.

Why should you adopt a minimalist fashion style?

In this article, I thought to present my own perspective on a minimalist fashion style. The beauty of this style is found in its way to highlight femininity, avoiding both chromatic color and opulent ornaments. It will remain an eternal style according to every woman, regardless of race, age or social status.

What means minimalist style?

What means this style for me? Well, style is when I give “life” of clothing and also to transform them to be the extension of my personality. Dress up fancy is a talent, but to control it to a perfect style, is an art. It is a technique that shines and flows, but always remains one of the classic styles with different designs by exiting the routine. Details such as the color, the cut are also used with a focus on simplicity and maintaining attention only on one color or its ranges.

I admit that I get inspiration from everything that I do! I inspire myself from the state, emotions, feelings, so my style want to convey attitude, confidence, and character, and for this, every designer has their signature or style that characterizes them.

We all know that clothes are not anymore the objects that we used to cover our body, fashion is and has been elevated to an art. Few people know that the first impression that you make about someone before to talk with him is about image. Nowadays, you can see that confidence of many depends on what they wear. Fashion is not just an easy area, in our day’s fashion industry is a diversity of styles, but the minimalist style is the designers favorite.

Many designers, regardless of time, often creates garments that are predominant such as black and white colors, to keep the attention on one central element.

In minimalism, we keep the simplicity of the content, without the competition from other details. In this way, they create the accent on a central element such as an animation, logo or a simple text.

  • Animations should be subtle – can be drawn but to have a nice link between the classic and the modern design.
  • The other major trend is minimalist text size. Is chosen with extreme formatting text as – super small letters or XXL. As an example, you can see in the article HANDMADE JACKET – UNIQUE, FASHION AND STYLISH

Contemporary style, minimalist style

As you can see in other articles, I adopted different clothing styles. I love to wear dresses, skirts, pants, they often accompanied with sneakers, boots, or low shoes. The fact that I height (1.72m) was one of my advantages of mother nature to not be forced to wear heels every day, but simply to enjoy more to wear comfortable shoes. Do not understand that heels do not have pride of place in my wardrobe. Probably many of you fall into this category and I think you can understand me. When I compose an outfit I really like to go to the minimalist part, because these structures have forms, volumes and are balanced by common sense, a simple clean line. All this gives a state of perfection, new, clean, clever and explores the visual appeal of asymmetries and volumes.

The quality is a characteristic of minimal style and is distinguished by its impeccable materials that give the impression of a very fine style. The fabrics are high-quality materials with different association stands structured surfaces: materials with hi-tech fabric, wool, viscose, knit and cashmere or alpaca.

Today’s outfit currently in fashion area is composed of:

  • Coats black cloth with a straight cut and accessorized with hood.
  • White wool sweater with roll collar.
  • Mini skirt made of soft plaid fabric in two colors – imperial green and black.
  • A pair of black boots.

The outfit is limited to the simplicity of the designs and details preciousness in a style that can be characterized as noted, functional and aesthetic. It is a casual style, simple, comfortable based on functionality and refinement.

The coat’s cut is a simple one, straight lines, and geometric shapes at all complicated. It is accessorized with an oversized hood, which gives a super mysterious effect.

Wool sweater roll collar, white, with traditional details, keeping up with winter trends. I did not want to accessorize the outfit very much because the star is the coat.

In any outfit should be a point of interest.

I think some accents and details should be highlighted, but not by waves with unrelated elements. Behind every image, there must be a story.

Mini skirt made of soft plaid fabric in two colors – imperial green and black offers a super fresh and young air.

Thus the material that we use in the seasons is one of the most important details in this area. It is quite inappropriate to wear chiffon, satin and other fabrics of summer in the cold season (this also depends on the event). I recommend wool, cashmere, cotton, mohair, denim, and much more that will give you an extra to your outfit.

I got a look in neutral colors to be consistent with the weather. In fashion, this style is based on the same principles relating to the use of color in an environment where space, light, and form are paramount in shaping the final product.

I want to add that it is very important when we choose a style to keep in mind the place and temperature, and according to all this, we can make a proper outfit.

The pictures were taken on the field, the weather was gorgeous, helped me a lot, quite warm for January. The sun gave me the feeling of spring (and of course I took advantage on this occasion and I made the outfit for Article ‘80’S STYLE IS COMING BACK ).

Briefly minimalist style for me is a technique that shines and flows, will always remain one of the classic styles, making a design choice that will always work.

I wish you inspiration!