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Mini Bags are a Street Style Trend – Outfit ideas for Summer 2018

Hmm, are mini bags a must-have this summer? OF COURSE THEY ARE! Fashion is like a never-ending cycle! Therefore, each and every trend that is left behind can easily return gloriously!

Today, I thought about offering you an extremely simple idea for both a day at the beach or a night in the club. If 2 weeks ago I wrote about the must-have items for this summer, this week I’m presenting some ideas that I used in the creation of my outfits.

Everything started with the purchase of this Louis Vuitton mini bag from a vintage shop. It is a pretty old mini bag, but I managed to modernize it by adding a small stylistic element (Hopefully). How? I wrapped a scarf around the strap of the mini bag, and I succeeded in creating a perfect combination between the scarf and the color of the mini bag. Do you see now how you can completely change the look with a simple item?


Due to the comfort it offers, this simple outfit is designed for a day at the beach. It is a powder pink veil dress with typical 80s oversized shoulders, which (of course) teams up perfectly with the mini bag. I enjoy creating a story, and the fact that these two items create a vintage effect amplifies the perfect fresh and sophisticated concept.

As the dress is very much transparent, I chose a high-waisted silver bathing suit, considering even a full bathing suit. Now you know why this outfit was considered for a day at the beach or a night in the club: because of its transparency. Nevertheless, this outfit depends very much on what you decide to wear underneath it, or what you decided to accessorize it with.

Because I brought up “accessories” above, let’s talk about the accessories I used for this outfit. I chose a pair of transparent cat-eye violet sunglasses, a pair of handmade oversized earrings with metallic effects and shades of grey.

P.S. SOOOON, I’ll present the new accessories collection! So, stay tuned!!!

When it comes to shoes, I chose a very comfortable pair of rubber sandals, with one strap decorated with a few cute small stones. Sand in a pair of shoes makes me uncomfortable, so I always want to find the perfect and most practical solution when designing a cool outfit. Transparency is the key in fashion this year! Therefore, the transparency of the dress and the effect it offers were the icing on the cake for me.

The summer season offers you the chance to simply create your own story and show it in your outfit. You only need one basic element, and then everything comes NATURALLY! I‘m wishing you a lot of INSPIRATION!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga