Milan Fashion Week Street Style, sound familiar? Yeah, one day I can say that I was a “model”. Not exactly the best way to describe it when it comes just about a shooting, but I felt like one and I think is the most important. This collaboration was with my wonderful friend Irina Povetkina (the designer of this collection).

In a human vision to be a model is about doing some pictures and walking for a few brands. No! Dear, we must understand that any work whether it is physical or mental involves effort, desire, and dedication. I want to say first I thought that too because of the Internet, sources of influence, managed to influence. So what is so hard to sit and pose for some pictorials, right? Eh, but I had this opportunity.


It all started at 11 am, I went to the first destination Galleria, Vittorio Emanuele. The first outfit was created from a navy pencil skirt with ruffles, a white shirt, a pair of blue stiletto Zara, and I used a pair of glasses Tom Ford for the accessory.


The destination was changed, even the outfit. I went to the street style outfit because it was with a touch of chic, gypsy. I liked it a lot.(Totally my styleee!) The Outfit consists of black and red, a tulle blouse, circle skirt, an H&M belt, a pair of heeled sandals and a hat both procured from Stradivarius. You can not imagine what it means to wait for the right time for a good picture.


Next stop Brera, if you have the opportunity to visit Milan, I recommend this area is absolutely gorgeous! Very vintage, very good for photos and an area where Italian details are well highlighted. Here my outfit was created with a chiffon summer dress, a pair of Mango platform, and for the first time, I feel like a woman! Every pore exudes femininity!


And last destination Garibaldi, a modern area of Milan, where we can admire the new architecture of the city. But when it comes to buildings, uniqueness, and opulence, how can you handle it? With an office, elegant outfit! This outfit consists of a white leather dress, a pair of golden stiletto, combined with a clutch of the same color.


The mission was accomplished, and completion took place at 10:30 pm, nearly 12 hours for a shooting. All we have in life must be appreciated and respected, and because of this opportunity, I want to congratulate all models for all that they are doing! I hope you like it and I inspired you with few simple ideas for outfits effect. See you soon with a new article, stay close!