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Milan Fashion Week 2018 – vibration and color to the Fashion World

“Milan Fashion Week” is a show, a real pleasure for eyes, and the vibrant spirit of Milan in the period 20 – 27 February 2018 was a burst of color to the fashion world.

Prestigious international brands marched to Sunday, while Monday was dedicated to lesser known companies, but supported by the  “ Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana ” which is the organizer of the Milan event.  Famous designers, celebrities, and experts in fashion participated in the parades in the Italian city.


When I received the invitation as ambassador from Hauturely to go to MFW as a fashion editor I didn’t spend a lot of thought, and I immediately said ‘yes’. In this way, I want to thank you for the trust, and Hauturely’s team for this wonderful experience.

I had the opportunity to participate in four extraordinary shows following this brands:

  1. Luisa Beccaria
  2. Anteprima
  3. Iceberg
  4. Cristiano Burani

1. Luisa Beccaria


Luisa Beccaria 22nd February Fall/Winter 2018 Collection – “ A Winter Symphony “ is it a composition of different voices. I can say that was a sensitive show, because each outfit showed us the sensual silhouettes with structured shapes, because of the belts accent. In everything, she put a balance. The color pallet has varied from non-color with neutral tones like grey, beige. Shades of a peacock, and some point of color like red, pink and powder pink that make the accent of the collection. From cashmere sweatshirts and cardigans, she moved in a silent way to an evening note by the couture fabrics. Velvet dress made with silver and blue strokes, or a crepe dress that has different textures and volumes made a real show.



Anteprima 22nd February 2 p.m Fall Winter Collection 2018-2019 presents a woman and her romantic part. She is looking for the quality, especially when we are talking about fabrics and textures. The passion in combination with something glamour, seduction, and a little bit of masculinity are the perfect words to describe the new collection.The mystery is the keyword for her that is why even the colors are in the same direction to keep the story on the same road. Black and milky white, shades of gray, deep Bordeaux, regal blue, green, and turquoise are the characteristic colors for the collection. One of the main points of the collection is the fabric manipulation, the way how she controls them into sophisticated items. She has an amazing mix of fabrics like cashmere with wool, silk, sequins or loosely woven etc.




Iceberg 23rd February Fall-Winter 2018-2019 Collection – What a show! The collection has an urban, trendy, and strong contemporary style because of the explosion of the colors, the mix&match of the fabrics, and asymmetric cuts. The mix of denim, leather, knitwear, lurex with vintage patches and punk graphics offer a fresh, young look. It was men/women collection with a sporty look, with oversize garments typical for our days. The accessories were in the same direction with the looks. They are really fresh, with pure colors like red, blue in combination with white, black, yellow or green.


4. Cristiano Burani


Cristiano Burani 24th February Fall-Winter 2018-2019 Collection – “ Fetish Athleisure “  has an erotic look with sporty elements in an urban, cool and trendy mix and match. They used activewear details with provocateur, sexy elements to define a new way of femininity. The base is a classic one but with extremely details like oversize shoulders inspired by rugby. They have a strong color pallet like grey melange, fluo orange, pink, red, iridescent violet, orange, iridescent yellow, green, polished and rubberized black. Because of all of this strong accents, they keep the makeup natural to get the attention of the unique garments.


I am convinced that I found interesting fashion elements which I will introduce in my future outfits, and definitely, I am more “rich” now with the latest trends in fashion.

Bonus for strong women:

  • sober outfits will need as colorful accessories in shades of yellow (even neon), green, orange, pink.
  • For Fall-Winter 18/19 colors of clothing proposed color mixes such as hot and cold – red/blue, yellow/green, etc.
  • texts, patches, silk, neoprene, vinyl and different knits.