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Marry Christmas 2018 -Gratitude is the magic of Christmas

I want to start this article by writing about what I’m grateful for in my life because it is very important to acknowledge that the most important “things” in life are not actually “things”.

What am I grateful for?

First of all, I am grateful for my own health and the health of the people I love. I am grateful for the fact that I am surrounded by good and beautiful people. I am grateful for my family, which is always by my side and supports me in every way. I am grateful for the people that were in my life and the experiences they brought along. I am grateful for doing what I like. But most of all, I am grateful for this amazing life that God offered me.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? I can’t wait for your comments.

We all know that, in this period, all the communication sources are telling us: “It’s Christmas, be kind!” I WISH that we were kind all the time and not just 3-4 days, but I believe this is a topic that we’ll discuss in a different article. When we GIVE, our bodies, minds, and souls are wrapped up in very strong emotions, because, at that moment, we felt useful for people that need that bit of help.

Today, the 24th of December, is a magical day, because tonight a miracle is happening. Santa Clause is coming with our beloved PRESENTS! My wishes, dreams, and hopes are the most important thoughts for me, being 100% sure that nothing and no one can stop me from wishing, dreaming and hoping. Don’t allow people to discourage you. Keep these thoughts to yourselves and prove yourselves that you can do what you dreamed of.

To sum up, I wish you a Magical Merry Christmas, full of joy, love and lots of miracles. All you need to do is BELIEVE because EVERYTHING is possible when you BELIEVE. Enjoy every moment, every person in your life, every positive thought. Enjoy YOURSELVES!

My strongest desire is that we all know that on Christmas Jesus Christ was born, and Santa Clause (is coming to toooooown) was chosen to make us happy in honor of the birth of Jesus.


Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga