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How to make your own BALAYAGE without bleach

You want to make a new look, but without obeying your hair too much pain? Perfect, you’re in the right place. Below I present a video where I got a BALAYAGE technique by having a trendy look without using bleach, just with the color.


What is a BALAYAGE?

BALAYAGE – is one of the most popular techniques used by celebrities and ordinary people. When we hearing balayage first we are thinking about a look, but it’s the application of the color. Balayage offers a natural, rejuvenates and a very chic attitude.

This technique refers to the ability to ‘paint’ hand in hand along each strand of hair but focused more on the tops. Enables a very natural look, where the highlights are in the middle of attention, and what interests us more than the final effect is more natural than ombre.


The difference between BALAYAGE and Ombre exist!

  • Ombre – offers to adjust contrast and brightness loss. This involves the gradual transition from a light to the dark.


  • BALAYAGE – comes from the French verb “bilayer” translated means “sweep” and in this case the color is applied with a brush and a flat plate, thus obtaining natural light throughout hair length.

Having described all of these techniques about BALAYAGE and OMBRE so now you will certainly know easily what the have in common or not.


How to make this BALAYAGE technique at home?

This method was popular in the 80s and returned even in Fashion trends. Many people consider this technique quite difficult if there are no abilities to make it. I want to show you that the impossible can become possible. I made a video that shows how I did my own balayage, without destroying my blonde and to make something useful with my grown roots. In this video used the balayage technique, but because I don’t want to make confusion, I left the decision of each of you to make the distinction between OMBRE vs. BALAYAGE.

In my opinion, both techniques are easier to maintain than to dye your entire hair, even in a different shade of the natural effect, as I am (gray-blond with brown). On the other hand, balayage can be kept fairly long time without going to the salon for few months, or even if you are making it at home you can forget a period about it.

Because the balayage method is about applying the paint with freehand, in this video you will see very well how the gray color will be applied to hair strands vertically. Thus I managed to do a play of colors, making it in a very discreet way between my natural color (brown) especially in combination with gray. Lighter strands of hair surface came in a fabulous contrast with root and give the impression of volume.

Personally, I am very excited because this BALAYAGE’s technique gave me a new look, and the comfort to maintain it easier. I made a video, relatively easy for people who want to make this balayage at home with color (hair dye) and NOT with BLEACH.