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” LOOK AT MY FACE ” A/W 20 Styling by Bianca Nita

New Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection

Emily Gautschi ( Concept ):

” The most important element of this collection is clearly the cup. With it, I mean emphasizing something that is supposed to stay under the top garment but instead peaks through in a discreet way. The issue now is that fashion has come to a part where the mask emphasis is put on the body itself. The point is I wanna show my bra even when it is too cold outside.

I chose Balenciaga’s early Tailoring techniques to be part of the construction of this collection. Old tailoring in a new and younger order: a new way of showing “ skin “, but not showing any at all. ”


Fashion Designer: Emily Gautschi

Stylist: Bianca Nita

Model: Vera Camplese

MUA: Ylenia Calabrese

Consultant: Mariangela Mineo

Photographer: Roberto Bertini

Editing: Ilaria Lo Mauro