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Less is More: An Easy Way for a Chic Minimal Look

Style varies depending on personality and character so a minimalist, clean and simple look will remain one of my favorites. Today I will show some ideas for simple autumn-winter 2019 outfit, but with a wow effect.


Even if the idea of “less is more” may be a cliche, a clean, simple style can have a greater impact than a complex outfit. Simplicity has the greatest effect when it is highlighted with the right attitude. But with your simple items, you can make your mornings or your unexpected moments more fun. Many people find this approach look “too simple”, but what many do not know is that details make the difference.

Here are some ideas that can help you in choosing the right outfit!

First Look – A slim, black dress is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe, but a dress like this accessorized with a shiny “corset” is a perfect choice for a night out with your friends, club night, or why night a romantic dinner with your boyfriend. The Stylists decided to accessorize the look with a pair of boots because of collection’s concept, but a pair of stiletto shoes will fit any event, only if you want to change the dress appearance.


Second Look – How can you create a super cool outfit, but fresh at the same time? Super easy! An oversized sweatshirt with one sleeve on the side, accessorized with a tulle top. A fresh, young combination being approached by many celebrities due to the very cool look that it offers. So for the first, but as for the second look stylists have thought of using a wet look and smoky eye to put an accent for the whole image.


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