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Les Gilets Jaunes Triompheront – New Fashion Trend 2019

Curious about how to design a street look for the fashion week period? You‘re reading the right blog. Today I‘m offering you a couple of simple ideas.

As I promised you last time, today I‘m presenting you a very casual street wear styling designed with the help of neon colors. I assume you already heard that neon colors are a must-have for this period, and, of course, they are also the designers‘ faves.

Some simple ideas for a WOW styling

A cheap, cool, and very interesting idea is the purchase of a high-vis vest or jacket. This was all I needed for a successful shooting. Every outfit needs uniqueness, therefore, the lower half of the vest was replaced with the lower half of a male suit jacket. I accessorized the outfit with a pair of gloves and a pair of boots with kitten heels.


A street outfit with 3 items

The second outfit is very comfortable and easy to design because you only need 3 items which I‘m sure you have in your wardrobe. The emphasis here is put on the neon yellow bodysuit which is chromatically supported by a pair of polyester sports pants and an amazingly tailored jacket.

Creativity is paramount in every outfit, so don‘t hesitate to be creative. What‘s also very important is to feel good and comfortable and to show this through your attitude and charisma.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga