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Knitted Fabrics and Prints – New Trends for 2019 – Fashion Tips

Do you want some simple, but efficient ideas for an extravagant look? You opened the right blog! Today I‘m gonna share with you my little secrets and the trends for this year.

In this photo shoot for one of my clients, the emphasis is on the handmade prints that were attached to the clothing item, but also on the knitted fabric. I want to point out that these pictures were taken for an editorial. Therefore, as I‘ve told you before, it is not recommended to wear these outfits in your day-to-day life.

Nevertheless, the clothing items can be used separately in different outfits. I can help you with that by offering you some simple, but efficient ideas for wearing these items in a casual, street style outfit.

Knitted Top – you can use it in a very simple combination with a pair of 80s high waisted jeans, “Timberland” boots, a pale pink oversized jacket, plus a mini bag for accessorizing.

Satin Body – this item can be used for both a casual look and an elegant one for a night out.

Casual look – boyfriend jeans, body, snickers (ugly shoes – Balenciaga triple S, Off-White, Prada) and a Teddy Bear coat.

Elegant look – body satin, a pencil skirt (the perfect skirt size for any type of body is measured with a palm under the knees), a beige fur (FAKE FUR PLEASEEEE), and a pair of high boots with thick heels.


Denim Poncho – a very interesting item because it has a special and colored print on the back, and you can easily create an outfit with it. All you need is a dress-like ankle-length pullover (any color is appropriate in this outfit, but I chose purple), the denim poncho, a neon fanny pack, and a pair of Timberland boots.

These are some simple outfit ideas which will make you stand out in any crowd. A little bit of imagination, creativity, and a “no rules” mindset are all you need when it comes to fashion. I wish you a week full of inspiration and achievements!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga