Yeeeey Venice!

I’m super mega happy because finally, I managed to carry out one of my dreams, and that is visiting Venice. Because of my super busy program at the university, I did not have time to enjoy all the wonderful places that are in Italy, but you know it is never too late.

Three days of a dream in this tourist town, Venice. Before arriving I researched a little about the main points that must visit, and these are:

  • Piazza San Marco,
  • Burano,
  • Murano,
  • Basilica San Marco,
  • the Rialto Bridge,
  • Doge’s Palace, etc.

What could be more beautiful as when you travel and you marvel at everything that you have around! Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world, because of its unique lifestyle. You give up everything related to bus, tram or car instead resort to boats, motorboats, gondola etc.

The architecture is extraordinary how each building has its reflection in the water is truly spectacular. This mini-vacation it was of the beginning of May, the weather was beautiful, the gentle sun was present among us during the day but it was more accompanied by wind blowing too hard and not very warm. If you want to go in that period, I would recommend having at least a jacket.

Another advice that I can give you about the locations is Murano and Burano. Two places that I recommend because are really interesting and perfect for pictures and point of interest is the colorful locations known in the world for this unique detail.

I wish from the heart to have the opportunity to visit the city again, and I will attach some pictures below so you can create an image of about it. Anytime you travel to enjoy it because all of these are the best memories that you will keep forever in your heart.

See you next time for a new article!