Have you ever asked yourself what it means to study Fashion Design?

Because I was often asked, what means to study Fashion Design, I decided to write this article for everyone who is interested in the wonderful world of fashion or why not for all the persons that are in interested to embrace a career in this field, or you can choose the specialization that will represent, like:

  • Fashion design – a graphic expression of the idea of fashion, using and combining the creativity, and the correct textures and materials, and how to create units by building patterns, for women and men.
  • In fashion, the designer made the concept and the pattern maker builds patterns to tailor the clothes.
  • Styling – it is a fashion “language” of expression for our days through image and style, fashion trends and behavior, so that will allow you to start your career as a fashion stylist.


Fashion designer, made the concept outfits, the pattern maker builds patterns for tailoring the clothes and the stylist is the one who knows the styles, trends, innovative materials, to be present in terms of style, have the ability to interpret trends, they can teach you how to dress according to the event and not least to know in detail the fashion industry.

Well, to understand the theory above, I thought to present one of my personal creations to travel together in my wonderful universe.

In the first year, I had the chance to get my bases in terms of fashion and one of the exams for which I wad dedicate 100% was “The manipulation of materials ” a very important course in Fashion Design because it is about putting and combining materials to create a unique, but usable garment. In short for those interested in the first half of semester I learned how to sew, geometry, measurement, creating patterns and materials handling, and the idea of this course was to create our own product.

Being very passionate about styling, trends one of the teachers noticed my passion for denim because I always managed to get it out of anonymity, he suggested me to work with this material. I was super excited because it is very important to work with what you like and what represents you.

So I created a super basic oversize denim jacket, keeping the proportions, I chose a slim denim body that follows the body (!! if you choose a piece of supersize clothing remaining parts must follow the body lines).

To put totally my footprint I decided to accessorize the sleeves with fringed denim (which were working manually), and the front with a stylized painting. The back I can say that is the attraction for me because here I was playing with the materials. I used transparent plastic circles of different sizes, painted in shades of green, brown, yellow and white to bring the idea of camouflage and they were applied using copper clasp. Because transparency is easily highlighted in the contact with the skin, all this to achieve give a unique effect.

Personally, I am fascinated by the final effect and I was really excited that I can wear it in various combinations. But it was not enough in my view a simple jacket, and so I had the idea of making a denim body accessorized with some fringes of course with the same fabric. The model is quite simple because I did not want to have something more sophisticated, the jacket needs to be in the middle of attention. She is the star of the evening!

It wasn’t a simple experiment, but a creation by Bianca Nita.

Inventiveness, creativity, passion and patience, those are the words that you can add to the “portfolio” of a fashion designer!