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How To Wear The Cycling Shorts – 2 Simple Ideas 2019

Now that spring is here, I decided to offer you 2 simple ideas for a trendy and cool outfit by using only a pair of cycling shorts.

I suppose you noticed that this clothing item is a must-have for spring/summer and also one of the celebrities’ favorites. Why do you need such a pair of shorts in your wardrobe? Because they are very easy to accessorize and can be used in many styles, such as streetwear, casual, and even in an elegant and chic look.


Elegant and chic – ideas and some tips

In order to design an outfit with an elegant touch and also chic, all you need is to add a bit of the Parisian style to your look. Therefore, the outfit consists of a pair of black, “leather imitation” shorts and a suit jacket with a straight cut and plaid pattern  (Berska). Both clothing items are accessorized with a latex beret (a famous fabric in the 2018/2019 fashion collections). I added some femininity to the outfit by using a belt (Moschino) – to highlight the waist – and a pair of oversized earrings. Concerning the footwear, I used a pair of sock heels (Zara) in order to create a lengthy visual aspect.

Street Wear – simple ideas for a cool look

You already know that there is no blog entry without a streetwear look because streetwear is what defines my style. So, this is the second way you can use cycling shorts, in a much more sporty and casual outfit: our star (the cycling shorts) purchased from Zara, a neon turtleneck (click here for more ideas), Balenciaga sneakers, and a neon pink fanny pack. A very easy to design and comfortable outfit.

Cycling Shorts

See you next week with a SURPRISE! Stay tuned! A wish you a week full of great and creative outfits!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga