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How To Make Your Own Skirt – Free Pattern + Free Tips

It’s Monday and as you already know is a new article. Since the summer comes and the style is always what we want to highlight when wearing an outfit today I thought to give you all the necessary details to create your own skirt with a simple pattern that is really easy to make.

It all started when I was thinking about what to wear for the next article. The situation was quite delicate because I was feeling a little uninspired. I made a coffee and I opened my laptop. I was looking at my old pictures wanting to notice what I already had worn but I noticed across my first project in the first year of college. Of course, it was a moment of nostalgia on time that is flying without realizing, and then I remembered all the patterns that I made in that year. So I took the material, I cut it and I started working because one of my passions is to cut materials.

I love when I make something and what could be more satisfying than when you can wear something that you created? Today you will be able to feel like a real fashion designer even if you have no experience or skills which of course grow with time. All you need is a little patience, desire, and will.

The materials that you need for this project:

  • A meter ( to measure your waistline );
  • A ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • A piece of paper ( 60/60 cm )
  • A pencil;
  • 1,5 – 2 m fabric according to your measurements and proportions.

For this article, I decided to create a multipiece skirt (made of several parts), and as material, I used fabric with a geometric pattern. The skirt can be achieved even in 5, 15, 20 parts depends on taste and the model that you want to create, so for this, I used 10 parts.

If you fit as an XS – size (62 cm) as I am this pattern is perfect, if not, measure the size then calculate it according to the number of parts that you will want to have (ex. 62 / 10 = 6.2). In the picture below you can see exactly all the inches that I used. At the top draw a straight line 6.8 cm, I wanted to put few millimeters extra because normally we need to put in outer parts 1 cm to connect the parts when we sew them. If you have calculated exactly I recommend adding sim line (1 cm extra after you FINISHED your pattern ).

The first part (1) 6.8 cm height, 18 cm in length, and 9.6 cm hips. The second part (2) starts from 9.6 cm to 32.5 cm in length. At the bottom, I added on the sides 2 cm to create my own model, but if you want a schoolgirl skirt type you can keep it without that extra 2 cm. After adding these extra centimeters draw a line until reaching the size of 9.6 cm of the first part. It is recommended to place the Green Line (the line in the middle) to know exactly how to place the pattern on the fabric. This line is helping when you have a material with different prints to know exactly how it will look the design on the skirt, and the correct position of the fabric. After cutting the material remember to overcast it because you don’t want to have the surprise of fabric disintegration (go to a tailor).




For this type of skirt, I should create a belt, but I decided to fold the inside part of the top 2cm without cutting the material to make it shorter. I decided to accessorize with an invisible zipper to keep my circular effect of the material, but the details depending on the tastes of each. After cutting the material if you own a sewing machine or you know someone who is able to help in this regard you will sew the parts together without forgetting the space of 20 cm for the zipper while you will fold the bottom part 1 cm to have a clean end.

This is the final result a very trendy skirt, young, fresh, and cool at the same time, thanks to the cut, and the fabric design. It is a basic skirt and requires no sewing experience to carry out such a product. If you want some tips and details on how to highlight better such a skirt click here.