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How To Get The Perfect Tan – Best Self-Tanning Product and Tips

Summer, sun, warm, thin clothes but it is still missing something, right? Details make the difference and assume that you already know that. How can we offer our outfit a little bright? Tan, babies. Below I’m gonna offer you all the necessary details for a bronze with a natural effect!

It all started when I was preparing for a night out with my girls. For the first time, I was ready in all the ways like good mood, makeup, outfit, hair, etc. I was so happy because for the first time in my life I opened the closet and I found a 100% cotton white dress special for a hot night of May. So far everything was perfect! When finishing touches are almost done I saw something was missing in my outfit. Everything was too white!


Of course in that night I changed my outfit even my mood but for the next day, I made the schedule and my priorities. A small visit to my favorite store Sephora. Which would be the next step? BRONZER!

I love white skin, but for summery outfits, casual, a tan will always keep you out of ordinary. So the next day I woke up a little bit early to do a little research about the product that I was going to buy. I tend to say that is not the first time when I use a bronzer, but this is the first time I decided to use a spray. I searched all products that are possible and impossible because it is quite difficult to find one here and really do not understand why. After some research, I found on YouTube a vlog about this Spray – Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist SEPHORA and I was impressed with the final result. Next step? Finding this product in Milan. The situation was very delicate and I really wanted it fairly quick because an online order was not an advantage for me but being a lucky person the product was available only in stores! Yeeyyyy!

I dressed up and I went on my little adventure. When I entered in our little paradise I say to myself, “Bianca, bronzer and that’s it! “. You know very well how difficult it is to control especially when you’re surrounded by all those wonders. I go to an employee to ask about this product which of course did not understand what I was looking for and she showed me a sunscreen. After 10 minutes she got it and says: “Oh, I understand now what you want. Sorry, but we have only something from SEPHORA.brand. ” For a few seconds remain blocked, and diplomatic as I respond: ” Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! “I do not think it makes sense to explain what face she did because you already imagined it.


I bought the product which cost 16 euros, and I’m going happy home. I hope you can imagine how excited I was to show you the new product, to try it. and to express the first contact that I had with this spray.


Are you curious about the steps that I followed for a perfect tan without spots? Let’s make them together.


3 Stept for a Perfect Tan


  1. Peeling– we all know very well that our skin is regenerated and sometimes we must provide “a helping hand”. What is peeling? The peeling – removal of dead tissue. How can we achieve the scrub for this process? This time I used a handmade one made from coconut oil + sugar. Coconut oil is very good for the skin and its regeneration.


  1. Epilation– for a uniform distribution is recommended to peel off the hair because in the opposite case we can see that in those pores can gather a double layer of lotion.


  1. Hydration– one of the most important points when it comes to a perfect tan but also uniform. After that two process is preferable to use a normal body cream not too fat for a deep hydration. It is recommended to apply in very dry areas (knees, elbows), and wrists.

Good now that we have discussed what to do before it is the moment to give you some tips that I’ve taken too from others to have a satisfying effect at the end of the process. The spray needs to apply at a distance of 10-15 cm not very close to the skin because of the risk of stain by its pressure. After its application is recommended to wait 10 minutes to soak into the skin. Annnndd that’s all! Super simple and practical especially if you’re in a hurry. It is super comfortable, not stain, and does not provide that the orange skin effect. With this, it won me completely. It certainly is one of my favorite products and I am pretty sure that I will reuse it.

Below you can see some pictures and effect the effect that I obtained after the first application.


If you have used other products that you consider better, useful, let some comments. Click here for a new idea for your next trip where you can show your perfect tan.

Enjoy it!