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Do you have a jacket and you do not know how to integrate into an outfit or you find it downtrend, but the jacket is still in good condition? It is not a problem because any cause has an effect, but keep a close so that the one who was there now will be a new jacket hand-painted, a custom that will become unique.

Conclusion: Keep every piece of clothing that you think you like, even if no longer in trend, it could be amazing because with creative ideas you may create a way to give back to “life”!

Today I will show how I turned a fake leather jacket into a super unique trendy piece.


I was looking into my dressing room and I wanted to do a review through the clothes to know what to keep and what to give of them. Looking from top to bottom, from left to right, after making their selection, I stared at a fake black leather jacket new that I think I wore it 2-3 times maximum. Of course, I thought to give the other clothes but suddenly I got the idea to personalize it.I have this habit to paint/personalize my clothes, I have experience in this field, I painted my skirts, denim jackets, jeans, shirts and even handbags. In general, I am a person who can appreciate clothes, take care of them, and when I buy clothing items are chosen exactly to my liking. Looking at my jacket, I thought it was the time of oneness, so the idea appeared to customize it (I love to put my mark on whatever I wear, that’s why I am very spontaneous with all of this ideas, hahaha).

It is very easy to make your own jacket, what I did now, so I encourage only if you liking this idea, to personalize any fashion item that you feel good with it or you really like.


I took a white pen, a brush and a tube of white (especially textile acrylic) preparing my creative territory. This time I wanted to be something more minimalist I would say, so I just thought about certain messages, not the other but I have two denim jacket painted, but this time I wanted to be something else. Being an ambitious person(I call this strong character J), I thought the messages on the jacket to be in accordance with my personality.

So the first message was designed on the back of jackets “Do not talk to me! “And in the alternative, I came up with the line ” Only if you have rich !!! “(just to be a full menu ). First I thought I have to stick to that, but the sleeves though I would not want to stay all black, so I agreed that I can play here with a small message “Follow your f **cking dreams”. Maybe you laugh, but the messages are as they are, like in our days, so my recommendation is to always use the things that represent you not just because is fashion.

In the lapel front, I used minimalist lines that provide plasticity and geometry of the jacket and the on the bottom “Baby Girl”. The front I wanted to be pretty simple because the focus is on the back and sleeves. With a little bit of patience and skill, I am sure that you can create something pleasing to you that will represent yourself and to be unique!


No matter how much you will try to copy something because it will never be like the original because we have our own footprint that we use when we create something. Get inspired and try, first on a piece of paper, and when you feel it after you can apply it to your item!

If you are interested in more details that you believe that I have not developed, you can contact me via email / Instagram and we can talk. See you soon! XOXO