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Fuchsia Pink – The Hottest Color from Spring / Summer 2018

Spring, sun, flowers, colors.

Behold, after a cool period the sun came out on our street. How may we mark those moments in which even nature leads our steps to happiness? With a little color. Today I thought to show you how I made myself a Spring-Summer outfit with three super trendy colors this year Fuchsia, Mocha and various shades of Khaki Green.

I am waiting for a while this time because the weather is quite uncertain. Two sunny days where I make plans about the outfits that I wish to propose, next day rain. The first time was just a situation where I complied with the thought that “the world needs a little bit of water.” But my plans were changed every week and even saddened me that I could never take advantage of the appropriate time to make some pictures. However, but here’s my dream come true.

I looked and noticed that in this period I like to go into the save outfits without too many colors, mostly composed only of neutral shades. Pretty basic and then I changed my mood because in these months I had some super good feelings, and I felt that I am full of energy and I wanted to share with everyone. So I thought to express my emotions through colors.

Bright pink/fuchsia color is considered one of the “Hottest” of this spring, and a must even on fashion designers list. Not quite easy to accessorize such a strong color because of its impact on the eye. To have such color in the outfit that you chose is not necessarily need the main element of a jacket, coat or other clothing items.

Look how I used this color in my outfit!

  • Fuchsia purse– my outfit started with this item, a super trendy accessory, a high profile, being worn by most celebrities who manages to be a focus of the outfit.

Other ideas on how to accessorize differently this kind of pouch!

  • Fuchsia shocks– if I left the attention only on the pouch the outfit would be quite saved, so for this, I chose this accessory to create a set with this color.


This year coats with classic structure, with two rows of buttons, are a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe because is an inspiration item for all women around the world. Due to the construction are easy to accessorize it that offering you even an elegant, or a classic look depending on how it is proposed. Mocha brown coat seemed to be the best choice due to the mix of color that I made.

  • Khaki tights– the combination of green and brown always seemed to be the best because it is inspiring me the idea of nature. Thus mocha coat in combination with khaki tights managed to create a wow effect to the outfit.


  • Khaki sports jacket– because I like anything to be consistent with other pieces of clothing I decided to use a jacket with similar shade to the tights.


  • Oxford shoes– a pair of shoes with a masculine structure, chic, offering a classic look to the character of aspect, and by the mix of the elements. They were chosen in a shade of black.

The outfit was designed due season. Earth colors such as green and brown, in combination with pink, made me feel just like a flower blooming. Wear what represents you and imagine the outfits as you want. Risk because in fashion does not exist rules! Do what will make you happy.

Photographer: Ali Khalife