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My Everyday Makeup Routine in just 10 minutes

3 Simple Steps for a natural day makeup in just 10 minutes

How to make a natural day makeup in just 10 minutes?


  1. Clean your face

  2. Hydration

  3. Make-up


We know very well how important is the first impression, so we always want to look the best.

Even if you think makeup is a routine that must take hours, the reality is that there are solutions for this method of beauty not kidnap you more than 10 minutes every morning.

In this video below shows the method step by step of the natural makeup that I use everyday, easy to perform, with products available to everyone, in less than 10 minutes.

Before my makeup process took me between 40-45 minutes, and I do not exaggerate. I could not conceive to leave the house without everything to be perfect. And you know why? Because it was in my mind, such as “perfection” can take an average of 1-2h in the mirror. All of this until one day when I proposed that my makeup is completed in less than 10 minutes.

I want to say that at the beginning it was not easy for me that there was no a ritual morning so extended something was missing. Yes, it was my habit, but with time I realized that I had more time to do other important things for me. I used to the idea, I understand that naturalness is much appreciated and I learned to accept myself as I am. My skin, as you can see in the video, is a flawless and therefore I apply makeup every day. With this simple makeup, which you do in 10 minutes, my skin looks very good throughout the day. The video will introduce every product I use, and I am really happy with the effects they get when I apply them.



Here’s how I do my make-up in 3 easy steps without dedicating more than 10 minutes of this procedure in my daily beauty routine!


Clean your face

The first thing that I do in the morning, in the bathroom is to clean my face with a cosmetic cleansing skin. In addition to oils and dirt that your pores skin are accumulating overnight, or is even possible to remain traces of makeup or mascara from previous cleansing (in the evening). For me, it is very important that before applying new makeup on the face, it is perfectly clean. I am using a cleansing gel adapted to the skin type that I have.


The next step in my daily beauty routine and makeup is hydration. Here comes a day cream adapted to the skin type that I use frequently. Avoid buying many products, thus I am saving even time, so I buy a cream that besides the effect of nourishing and moisturizing the skin, and have a protective effect against UV rays of the sun. In this way, apply a single product, but with double benefits.

Makeup itself

After cleansing the skin and applying the cream, my skin is ready for makeup. Because I specified the makeup time is 10 minutes, it will not be a complicated make-up style or with many steps. The simplest type of make-up that you can create just in few steps is the daily, natural one:

  • apply a makeup base before foundation, for it to “sit” better
  • apply foundation, covering carefully over all the skin (during hot summer when high temperatures make me sweat, it is important to me and I apply a layer of powder to fix the foundation and prevent skin glow effect, which is quite ugly);
  • apply a generous coat of mascara really carefully (when I am not using eyeshadow it is really important for me that the accent it will be on my lashes, and to evidenced them with a quality mascara);
  • apply contour shadow and blush (cheeks that are well formed and bright offer you a feminine, and for this, I try to keep the chromatic balance with the main elements of the face to get a natural and … irresistible make-up!
  • when I emphasize my cheekbones, I play with two shades of blush. Apply a darker shade from the temple to the inside face with downward movements and apply a light shade upward for uniformity. The two shades of blush, belong to the same palette!!
  • because I like to diversify the make-up cheeks, others apply a shadow or a shimmer stick in light shades like gold copper, pink or lilac because I skinned, and more than a matte dark shadow. This combination will give the impression of an orchard “appetizing” and healthy.
  • to have a uniform color on all of my face, I apply a little blush on the nose and chin.
  • I apply a lipstick or lip gloss (never go out of the house without having a balm on my lips, whether it is transparent or slightly tinted; for the day, I prefer warm colors such as pink, peach, cherry or even nudes ).

Face’s Cleaning

For people who have faced problems as I have sometimes, for a deep clean I recommend natural products. By the time I tried everything that was possible from drugs to various cosmetic treatments which to me did not give yield, but who made a radical change on my skin was baking, applying it as a mask. Which, YES, is a miracle in my life!