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After a long vacation, amusement and walks, it came the scarlet period of the year, autumn. Nature is comprised of a color lit by a mixture of colors, at which point my imagination and inspiration are at home. What could be more beautiful when you wake up and when you look out the window see the widest range of colors? Exact nature gives meaning to our lives because the color is music, autumnal outfits are color symphonies.

While I enjoy my coffee I was thinking how I will be able to spend this wonderful day. I finished my morning routine and I headed for the dressing room (as always, especially girls know how much time we need to find a suitable outfit even when we go to the store). Anyway, I thought and know that although it is sunny outside the weather is changing, but what you are not doing for a little bit of styling, right? I chose a pair of black Zara pants, a silver bustier, a denim jacket and a pair of Stradivarius boots, but because I know what means one day in Milan I decided to take with me a pair of sports shoes Adidas Superstar (just to be in case of any ). After I chose the outfit I chose and place (yeah, it’s weird, first it is the outfit and then the place) this is me, my mood can change anything.

So then, after I took a last look in the mirror, and it replied with a big “Yes” I went on a little adventure with the thought of making a tour of the Milan but with the subway, a transport that is fast, convenient and useful in crowded cities. My intention was to be able to see even the other remote locations of the city, locations that we crossed and analyzed in detail because everything we have around is inspirational for us. The outfit that I chose was exactly what I needed because it offered me the comfort and uniqueness only some key elements that had the power to change a basic outfit in a different one.

This time the denim jacket was my salvation!

Why the jacket jeans or denim jacket is a must-have?

  1. It is easy to match, it can be modeled easily in any combination and is super fancy!
  2. Never goes out of style! (Plus the vintage look great and I recommend it!)
  3. The denim is 100% cotton and will always maintain body heat so … cozy and comfy 🙂
  4. Anddd… No wrinkleeeee , interesting, right? I have no idea how many of you appreciate this quality of the denim fabric, but I adore it.

Therefore, I propose to make as soon as possible a new article about denim but this time styling come with 10 ideas on how we can wear a denim skirt depending on the occasion.

Stay tuned!