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Creative Idea to Update Your Denim Jacket for Spring

How to get a cool outfit with an item that you definitely own in your wardrobe? Very simple! Here’s what you need: A DENIM JACKET, ACRYLIC, and CREATIVITY!


Today I thought to show you how I managed to turn a simple outfit into a super trendy one. The idea started from a denim jacket that I purchased in the summer with a simple structure, vintage, 100% Denim. I tend to mention this detail because for me makes all the money. The quality of materials must be first detail when you purchase a garment. In a future article, I will detail the criteria that I have when I am looking for a product and what expectations I have for other brands/items.

Returning to the story, it all started when I was thinking about the new article that I had to publish on my blog. Analyzing my wardrobe a white aura surrounded one of my favorite jackets and I said: “she’s the one! “. All this was in my mind and I assume you already know, but there is no problem because here we are allowed to dream and imagine whatever we want. I took the jacket off the hanger and the next question was: How could reveal an oversize jacket in such a way as to convey femininity?

A moment of revelation! The elements that I composed this outfit are:

  • Black Dress – for all women/girls because will always be an “unexpected” situation and for this, it is recommended to have a favorite dress that we can use in emergencies without encountering the eternal question: “what I am gonna wear?”. For similar situations, a black dress will always be a good choice because it offers you an elegant and sensual look. This time I opted for a dress with a simple, slim structure to provide a little feminine outlook.



  • Black Boots – a perfect choice when it comes to street style and of course, my personal style (so if you find yourself not hesitate for this kind of choice). Considering that I am always walking and I am always moving I prefer to have comfortable shoes that allow me the necessary comfort not only to carry out a photo shoot. For me, a pair of black boots is a perfect choice any time (with some exceptions).



  • Accessory – I opted for a pair of glasses with transparent orange lenses where its match perfectly with the weather and the sunlight that appeared in Sempione Park in Milan.


Returning to the core of the outfit the blue color of the jacket seemed more than perfect in that full of black. However, I must put emphasis because it seemed pretty classic for my taste a little more different in terms of fashion. After a moment of silence, I thought to customize it to give a little by of life.


What was the idea from which I started?

Doing a little research on new trends I saw that this year some messages are understood in great demand. I had to find something to represent me but to be unique at the same time. I opted for this message – “Gucci doesn’t care about you (I CARE)”. A representative meaning of our days that I found it and I wanted to convey the idea that it’s not necessarily to have certain clothes. The attitude and to know how to present a product makes all the difference. You can make cool outfits even with a limited budget but all that we need is to have: inspiration, attitude and various views on our outfits.


How I customized my denim jacket?

You don’t need to be Picasso to customize a jacket. The only things that I needed were acrylic colors: coral-red + white to achieve a nude/peach shade, two brushes of different sizes and some patience. After I chose the message, first I sketched with a pencil (I did not use the ruler or other items because I prefer things to be natural), after I started to apply the color. Finally to decorate a little bit the text I created some flowers with the mark of the brushes. As you can see everything is free-hand. I wish to convey the idea that it is handmade and I even had feedback from people who stopped me to ask me where I bought jacket or details about how I did it.

 Other ideas on how you can customize your own jacket !!!


The makeup has been a quite natural one choosing shades of pink to accentuate the eye color. I recommend when your eyes are blue/green to use strong colors to put the accent on them. For my hairstyle, I decided for a loose bun (for a wavy hair effect).

Less is more! This is the principle which I have chosen and fits with my own personality. Find yourself in everything you do!

The pictures were taken by my friend Ali Khalife if you want more information click here.