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DADA Art in Fashion – Punk, Minimal, Trendy, and Fresh looks for 2019

Did you know that by choosing the right fabrics your outfit can change at 180 degrees? Today I will show you some simple ideas that will help you to achieve some wow outfits but at the same time even super fresh.

The new collection made by my friend July ( click here for more details if you are interested ) is based on a super young style, with clear trends that all the brand are promoted this year as well: high waist pants, oversized sleeves, pastel colors (blue), checkered patterns and of course simplicity. This collection has a punk influence combined with minimal mix due to the super clean look that it offers. The task of this collection was a traditional garment and the main one the white shirt. The art movement Dada makes the connection between minimal and punk which formed the collection to be really asymmetrical, simple but detail oriented.

The inspirational woman is one that is STRONG and CONFIDENT but extremely FEMININE and SEXY at the same time.

Some ideas for some coolest outfit

We know very well that the denim will not ever go out of style and will always be a must-have in our wardrobe, but what about a black denim? This year black denim is a widely used tissue in all the new collections. In this context, the designer used this material in combination with a tweed which of course offers a very interesting effect due to the mix that creates and how the materials are fixed together. When I had a pair of pants with some details and I want to keep the attention on them on the top part it is supposed to use a simple top just as our designer thought.

As mentioned in my previous article () the high-waisted pants it is something that you need to must-have in your wardrobe! It is easy to accessorize, will always be in trend and is very practical (plus will add a few extra inches due to your body).

The second outfit is a dress with a simple structure (blue cotton), accessorized with oversized sleeves (tweed – checkered pattern) and of course, a detail that gives its effect straps made the same size like the dress from the same material as the sleeves. Looking at the whole collection the outfits are super simple, but the details and how they are carried out makes the difference. The mix between fabrics provides uniqueness but also a special effect on the final result.

As the accessory, these outfits will allow you to play with some extravagant accessories and even require because the top doesn’t have some many details. Thus some oversized earrings or a different model will provide some extra for your outfit.


When I wear certain outfits my owns or I promote like to be consistent with who I am as a person. I would never be able to promote a style which fits with my own personality, and for this collaboration, I was super happy because I and July are on the same way in terms of fashion. I am pretty sure that you know those kinds of people that you understand without too many words, right? Thus in this context applies the same situation because our styles are very similar, and any outfit needs the right attitude for an amazing effect.


In FASHION the attitude and the way that you present the things make you trendy.