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Chic Ways to Wear Your Midi Skirt During Winter

Do you have a midi skirt but you do not know how to accessorize it, it seems to be to “old” for this time? There is no problem because I thought to show you how I decided to accessorize my own midi skirt.


Being an element quite elegant which emphasizes the feminine part through a gently way I thought it’s just not the kind of skirt that I wear it regularly because the first impact it had on me was to be accessorized with a pair of heels, clearly taken a super lady-like area. So it was a “NO” large and clear to me. However until one day when I decided to buy me one too. Imagine how I easily infiltrate myself through that pile of clothes and chose the piece of clothing that just a few weeks before was something I could not even agree (never say never).



Anyway, I tried it and I said: “Common Bianca did not look that bad.” A good way to encourage me. But at that moment I thought that once I will have it in my wardrobe even my ideas will be more creative, and even I may have an outfit very interesting with it (what I did, I can say hahaha came out my modesty ). I guess after all this time have already begun to know me, and that you are here and support me means a lot to me. I can not express in words how much I thanks for all of this! That was a small parenthesis to you, my dear, that we are so compatible and you find yourselves here in my articles is more important than anything.


Midi skirt is considered a must-have of the season autumn/winter even if the weather outside is forcing us in some way to wear jeans/pants for more comfort. Regardless of how we want to accessorize there are plenty of opportunities available for everyone to put out such a garment. So below I will leave a number of ideas that we can use to get a nice look.



5 Cute ways to wear a Midi Skirt:


  • White shirt– this garment will always be a statement in our wardrobe. I think there is a woman that does not have at least one white shirt in the wardrobe. Thus a white shirt on the body or oversize (all this according to each style) will be a perfect combination for a day at the office or for a night out with friends. Can offer both even an elegant look as long as accessorized with a pair of heels or boots, or a super trendy, chic one accessorized with a pair of men’s shoes or flat ones.


  • Oversize sweater– we all own a sweater in our wardrobe, but if you do not have one is no problem because we can easily call someone else wardrobe like our boyfriend, father or another male family member’s one to get an oversize one. It is super trendy this year, especially if it is made up of strong colors like red, orange, green or cool tones like black, gray or dark blue. For this outfit, I preferred a black one with a high collar to provide a huge volume at the top.


  • Teddy Bear Coat – another must-have piece for the fall/winter especially when it comes to convenience and fashion. A very trendy, which raged in the fashion world because of its name, and its similarity to a toy. This coat in combination with a midi skirt, knee-high boots in different colors, and a super-sized bag can take you directly to the Fashion Week a perfect outfit for a street style. For more details please visit Teddy Bear Coat


  • Oversize coat– I think that we already know that this year everything that is oversize is a must-have of the season so I will not repeat it again. Any coat regardless of construction, model or color can help you achieve a perfect outfit (right accessorizing ideas for a coat ) as long as you keep in mind some basic rules when it comes to talking about a combination of materials and colors. With this basic element, you can easily have different results with your outfit just by choosing the right footwear.


  • Bomber jacket– a jacket with a masculine structure, very trendy, which can be the focus of an outfit. It is a casual jacket that I decided to accessorize it with a midi skirt, a black sweater and a pair of boots to the knee. I just saw this combination because of its diamond-like applications on the sleeves.



My style is quite obvious which means that a lady-like or an elegant would not be 100% me even though sometimes I wish to emphasize my femininity through such a style. In time I hope to get to and adopt this perspective on fashion. Currently, I enjoy my own style that I want to emphasize it with my personality. Young, Fresh and Cool !!!