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Casual Outfit Idea: Fluo + Animal Print Trends 2018-2019

Today I’m presenting a few clothing items in trend for this period and how you can use them to create a super cool outfit.

If last time I talked about colors, fabrics, patterns, etc. for spring/summer 2019, today I used these concepts in order to create an outfit for this winter season.

How I designed this outfit?

The fluo colors returned forcefully this year, especially when we consider jumpers, turtlenecks, or even hoodies. These colors offer an interesting effect to an outfit, being easily accessorized.


Avoiding being ordinary (as always), I chose a pair of animal print leggings, successfully creating a delicate combination between the brown shades and the neon color. Even the mood created by the weather (brick-red leaves, the yellow-orange dawn) managed to perfectly create the desired effect for the outfit.

As for something to keep me warm, I went for my lovely “ Teddy Bear Coat ” (click here for more details). Extremely cozy and easily accessorized, this coat is, of course, a must-have clothing item for the 2018-2019 winter.

In fashion every risk is a success. Be yourself and create your own story with your outfits.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga