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Blazer Dress for Women 2018 – Fashion Tips and Ideas

Each sunny day must be savored! Today I’m presenting you a pretty elegant look (for my taste), which perfectly mixes the beginning of autumn and the end of summer.

Although autumn is already here, it looks like summer is not yet ready to go and wishes to spend some more time with us.

How can we choose a perfect outfit considering both the season and the weather?

Autumn is a season that is well known for its combinations of colors such as crimson, orange, brown, green, which manage to create a whole story of nature. Thus, the inspiration of the outfit starts from this concept.

The basic part of the outfit is a blazer dress, which is very trendy this time of the year, managing to become a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The blazer offers a clean, simple, but geometric look as well, thanks to the pattern, that is, in fact, an ingenious game of lines. The green lines mixed with dark blue + blue lines offer a special elegance to this piece of clothing.

Living every day with the concept that  “the details make the difference”, I tried to present the blazer in a totally different way.  Usually, I’m trying to point out my waist when it comes to my body. In this case, the obvious choice would have been the use of a wide belt. However, I preferred to use three safety pins. I overlapped the front of the blazer using the three accessories. Therefore, the blazer follows the waistline, and the effect is even more feminine.

As an accessory, because I take into account what you want, I preferred to take this outfit in a more elegant area. I  preferred this time to use a pair of 8 cm beige suede boots that perfectly matched the blazer color mix.

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Autumn or summer, that doesn’t really matter! It is important to do what you like and, of course, what represents your style. Next time we return to the street style… soooo BE READY!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga