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Best Summer Fashion 2018 – Hot Summer Trends Women

Summer is coming and you are indecisive about the trends for this year? Welcome! Today I thought to show you how I decided to create my own summer look.

I told you in my previous article ( click here to read it ) about a small wish that I would like to put in place, right? Remember when I said that I want to give more attention to the moments of soul and little things in my life? Here we are! This spontaneous weekend I dedicated to spending it out with my friends.

It all started on Saturday night when one of my friends sent a message on WhatsApp group that asks if we want to go Sunday at Como (Lago di Como). First I made a short film about my Sunday program, that I had to write for my blog, take pictures, etc., but all these thoughts made me simply decline the offer, so when I had a moment of quiet I said: ” Why not combine work with fun? “. So I said: “Yes! When we leave? “. Even for them, it was a little dubious because they knew how I organize the program and especially on Sundays which are not relaxing for me, are productive because I do what I like in connection with the blog.

Well, I checked the weather of course because in Milan lately have been around 27-28 degrees, but differ according to the region especially in the mountainous part. My phone shows – Como 26 degrees, and that made me happier because we thought once we are there to have a small beach session. The plan was organized, the weather was perfect, which was the last step? Outfit !! The eternal question: “What should I wear?”. I tend to mention that it is not the first time when I go to Como, but the last time was last year with my parents. At that time the begging of May in Milan where there were about 28 degrees we planned the trip to Como so I chose an outfit composed of a dress, leather jacket, and boots.The weather that they mentioned was somewhere at 20 degrees, but we find that actually arrived there were somewhere to 18 degrees and a wind unimaginable! I just could not go. So after that experience, I am quite reluctant when it comes to casual outfits in that part, or I prefer to have at least one garment thicker for emergencies!

Back to my look, and the words that could help me with the outfit that I was going to choose: BEACH, LAKE, MOUNTAIN, and FASHION.

Which were the criteria when I chose the outfit?
Let’s find out:

  • BILLABONG Swimsuit – the outfit was created by this element which I think is a key one because of its texture and color. This year I trend are metallic colors like silver or gold, that’s why I opted for a silver one. Neoprene fabric is specific for wetsuits, this brand is widely known for its uniqueness in the way of making these suits that are used mostly by surfers. The bra is designed as a brassiere, and the slip is a combination of pantyhose and shorts. Thus due to the material fits well on body shapes.


  • Transparent Turtleneck H&M – this material is not the best when it comes to high temperatures as polyester in the summer, for this period it’s recommended cotton or linen. But in this situation thinking about that after we go to the beach and I thought that in case that the suit will be wet this material will not absorb the water and I’m not gonna have those unsightly marks. Of course that you could see through the transparency the swimsuit, and this detail makes the difference. Click here for other accessory ideas of this turtleneck.


  • Levi & Strauss. Co Shorts – you know very well that when it comes to pants, jeans generally I opt for this brand because of the quality of the material. A pair of pants in a light denim, high-waisted typical for the 80s style. If you are interested in 80s ideas click here.


  • Stradivarius Boots – of course, my obsession with boots and comfortable footwear will not miss ever in my outfits. I chose this pair with rock details, black lacquered, up above the knees that gave me the length of the aesthetic in combination with high-waisted shorts. This is called style trick in fashion and is recommended for short girls.


  • Accessory – for the details I used a black Stradivarius strap with two heads that it is very trendy this year, then I chose a supersize black sunglasses, and for hairstyling, I decided to make Duch braids.


When it comes to clothes and how I associate it I like to play with the styling. A very interesting detail that certainly I will repeat it was that turtleneck that was introduced in the slip that created the idea of a total body swimsuit. You can play with your ideas and materials from various perspectives. Put your ideas into practice and feel good in your skin. For me, it was an exceptional day because of the people that I had near me, environment, but also the fact that I do what I like!

P.S. for this mini-trip I took with me a pair of long cotton pants in the case that the weather would not have been as we would have liked! Better to have something than to dream or to say, ‘If I took those pants … “.