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Best Asymmetrical Fashion Trends 2019 – Ideas and Tips

Are you curious about how to accessorize a plaid skirt combined with an asymmetrical coat? You opened the right blog because today I‘m presenting to you a cool idea for a refined look.

Why did the asymmetrical clothing items become a trend?

I assume you asked yourself why this detail is often used by designers in their collections. Asymmetries are used especially for the creation of optical illusions, and, combined with a variety of fabrics, they form mix&matches. Usually, this detail inspires innovation, and it also creates a „body-lengthening“ effect when it is used with well-proportioned lengths.


Pleats remain in trend

It looks like pleats remain in the same position concerning trends and are continually used in different combinations. I‘m offering you some examples below in order to understand better their role in different outfits.

Here we have a straight skirt combined with asymmetrical side pleats, plus an ending strip. Our designer enjoys originality by using different lengths and a mix of fabrics (cotton + ecological leather = mix&match).

The top is designed the same way as the skirt: different lengths combined with pleats. The vision of the artist has two angles. In the right side we have the medium-length skirt plus the long sleeve of the blouse, and in the left side, we have the pleats in different forms, which, of course, offer an elegant twist to the outfit.

The theme of this collection is represented by a passionate, strong woman, a woman that desires to be discovered and to fulfill her goals. Every outfit MUST be presented with the appropriate attitude and MUST be well accessorized. Therefore, a pair of elegant high heels and a simple hairstyle well-combined with a pair of black sunglasses, which create a mystery around the outfit, were the perfect choice for this photo session.

Express yourself and let the beauty out of you in the best way you know! Leave the limits behind!

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga