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Before & After: Casual Look for Men 2018

As I promised you in the previous article, for today I prepared a special vlog for the masculine audience. If you wish to design a cool outfit for your boyfriend, or even if you, my dear male reader, are in love with fashion, today I’ll show you some secrets.

What is the vlog about?

In this vlog, I’m presenting one of my personal projects: the design of an outfit with second-hand clothing items. The theme is Casual, and the outfit must contain a jacket/trench, a t-shirt, a shirt, and of course accessories such as shoes, and a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses, details that can make this outfit original. Personally, I thought a masculine bracelet would be perfect. Thank you, Cadouri Handmade, for this unique bracelet, and if you are more curious, you can access this link for even more special accessories.

If you are curious about the choices I made for this outfit, I’m telling you “Enjoy the vlog!”, and if you have questions, I’ll gladly answer to each of them.


Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga