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What is beauty? A question which in my opinion has many simple answers, leaving aside what we want to understand, and that “beauty requires sacrifice” so I’ll detach easily what follows and I will be focused on the simple reality.

Beauty and femininity will always exist, but they can not be manufactured. True elegance arises from beauty, uniqueness and the feeling that a person can convey is with the attitude, the last but not least naturalness. Nowadays the focus on “beauty” seems to be described in a “perfect” style, like:

  1. “Perfect features ” – the most coveted being “touch-ups” through plastic surgery, do not understand that after making them that person would look perfect, but simply these changes will bring those people the confidence, which was long gone, and provided there are cases can call with confidence to such a change.
  2. “Perfect body” – that body is often presented to us on different media channels, social networks through various photo shoots, fashion magazines, etc., to our delight, but behind several pictures the reality is different. I had the opportunity to participate in several photo shootings presented at our University and beyond it was like a real elixir. That opened my eyes to reality. Everything that we see at the end is the accent of the perfect beautiful part of this activity, of course, nothing new because we know that Photoshop is kind of God today or various photo editing applications. So then, my dears, I want you to feel good, I want you to highlight the personality and to enjoy everything that you have in your life. For a “perfect body” you don’t need – long legs, flat stomach, and perfectly flawless skin. NOT! Let’s look beyond the edits and to see the reality. Create your beauty through your eyes, create your own perspective on beauty and appreciate your yourself, not what others want to appreciate.

It is normal to have small imperfections on the face such as wrinkles because they signify our emotion experienced now become a beautiful memory. Beauty is actually what we broadcast. It is a sensitive topic, is a subject that change lives. Live, feel and enjoy the moments in your life. Let everything for a moment and let the society for a moment and let’s focus more on our self because that is what really matters. Being in the fashion world I can say that they notice some changes to this “perfect” more or less fake. For example in France, it is no longer allowed the Anorexia in the fashion industry (girls resorting to starvation for this job), the edits on pictorials are completely prohibited, on the catwalks now you can see many models of different ethnicities ( it does not distinguish color), highlighting the naturalness as base point (no Botox, no surgery). If we had a little more attention to detail, we can see the true messages that are hiding in these pictures called “perfect”.

Because the true beauty comes from the sublime simplicity and style, I will present you some photos that I have done in a typical day on the streets of Milan, to show that all women who feel that they have an attractive body, not have ideal height or measures, they should know that they are beautiful.

For me this means beauty!

We search for beauty because it doesn’t matter how beautiful a person is, she doesn’t believe that person has beauty. – Don Miguel Ruiz

How do you define beauty?

See you in the next article! XOXO