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Animal Print: A Must-Have for 2019 – Fashion Trends and Style

Do you remember when I discussed the fashion trends for this year? Today, I’m going into more details, and I’m offering you some ideas about one of the styles.

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I assume you noticed that a must-have this year is the animal print, which is also the designers’ favorite print for 2019.

How can we accessorize this print?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself how you can accessorize a clothing item with an animal print. Today I’m offering you some ideas. A clothing item with an animal print is very easy to accessorize because it will anyway be the main attraction from your outfit. All you need to do is to find the perfect combination and context. What I’m presenting below is a styling project made with one of my clients who wish to display a few ideas for wild and fashionable looks.


A dress, a bodysuit, or even a pair of leggings with this animal print are perfect choices for a casual and chic outfit. All you need is an appropriate accessory, such as a pair of stilettos, kitten heels (for elegance) or a pair of sneakers. For the bodysuit, we can choose a pair of high waisted trousers, a pencil skirt, or even a pleated skirt.

The most wonderful part in this combination is that the clothing items can be easily accessorized and used in a cool outfit, of course, especially for this period.

If you are an eccentric person, you can also try a mix & match. What does this mean, you ask? This means you can mix & match 2 or even 3 different prints. This mix offers a harmonious and enjoyable look. An example of mix & match is the combination between animal print and floral print.

Stay tuned, because next week I’ll show you some interesting projects, which, I’m sure, will offer you a lot of ideas for fresh and cool outfits.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga