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The new trend in accessories for 2018-2019 – 3 ideas how to accessorize your outfit

The new trend in accessories for 2018-2019 – 3 ideas how to simply, but effectively accessorize your outfit.

This article presents the last university project my colleague, Edoardo Guttadauro, did for the “Handmade Accessories” course, with the help of Federico Oliva (photographer) and Michela Vianelli (MUA). In my previous article I talked about my own collection, and today I am providing you with some more super cool ideas my colleague had of how to freshly accessorize your outfit and also remain in the trend for the summer.

We know very well that handmade jewelries were, are, and always will be a must-have, especially when we want to define a very simple look. For this collection, copper was a key element (if you want more pieces of information about this wonder material click here: “Jewelry” ). Copper will always offer elegance, but everything depends on the style and context in which it is used. This time, the collection is based on a very unique mix of materials such as pony “fur” and mate plastic. The combination sounds pretty weird because these fabrics are not used often when it comes to accessories.

Collection concept

Geometric elements will always be in trend, not only because of their very rigid structure but also because of their minimalist effect. These accessories are inspired by the shape of pyramids, as you can see in the photos below. Triangles, circles, squares, and other geometric elements will clearly end your existence in relative anonymity, due to their unique shapes. All elements are handmade.

3 WOW accessories for a look that turns heads

Pyramid hat – a hat created from a mate plastic, in the shape of a pyramid, accessorized with adorably small handmade cushions from various fabrics. I already mentioned a few times, in my previous articles, the fact that some accessories or outfits are designed just for catwalks or photo shoots, and this uniquely designed hat forces us, in one way or another, to use it only for these kinds of situations. You wonder why? Well, this oversized hat doesn’t offer the required minimum of comfort to be worn daily. Nevertheless, for Fashion Week or other different events, it will surely help you become the “most wanted picture” by the paparazzi.


Copper bag – A handmade bag which is 100% copper, accessorized with metal chains and different elements made from pony fur. I can say that I’m totally in love with this bag because it’s a great combination which not only offers a vintage effect, due to the color of the material itself but also has that small and perfect detail that flawlessly meets the modern standards and trends. With such a bag it’s pretty hard to fail because the bag will become the main substance of your outfit.

3 Body accessories – a bracelet, an earring, and a body chain, all made from, of course, the excellent combination of fabrics: copper, plastic and pony fur. All elements are created from triangles which construct a geometric shape. This time, all 3 accessories can be used easily in a day-to-day outfit, but I highly recommend them for the upcoming festivals.

There are no rules in fashion, so feel free to express yourself as you wish. Try new things and risk infinitely, because everything can become a success. Destroy the anonymity with originality! After all, even the word impossible says “I’m possible”.

Translated and adapted by Ioana-Alexandra Blaga