elcome in my Wonderful Universe!


I’m so glad to see you’ve decided to open this page and I really hope, everything you see here will be in harmony with yourself, that you can enjoy because I want you to shine! Be prepared to go along on a journey full of adventure and along the way I will show you my perspective about beauty.


My name is Bianca Nita, I was born in Bacau, Romania and I am studying in Italy, Milan – Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti – Fashion design. I am 21 years and my passion for Art started when I was very young. I studied at National Art College “George Apostu” Bacau – Sculpture. So I continued to follow my dream that I had since I was a child, FASHION.


I like to create, I am fascinated by colors and I love to “play” with them, I appreciate the good taste, but more and more, I love the style because it is an extension of our personality, is a result of activities they undertake every day, is the result of what we study, we read, what sports we play, what hobbies we have, the places where we love to travel, cultures that we can inspire. Personal style is good to be in constant evolution such as: – <To study- approaching- practice- and receive feedback from professional persons and after all, this applying all the corrections >This process goal is eventually to polishing and improving the personal styling.


I love people, animals, flowers and everything is full of life because I believe that these are the most beautiful creations that we can all enjoy.


I love to travel wherever is the destination, because in my lifetime I got a lot of beautiful feelings, they have settled memories valuable and I think that every trip it was and it will be one of the best investments in yourself! I traveled almost all over Romania (I still have a few more places to visit and I hope to see them soon), first of all, I love Romania because it is my country, a wonderful country with amazing people and fascinating destinations, landscapes and every time when I have the opportunity I recommend it with all of my heart.


Why did I choose to study in Milan?


Because the carrier that I chose is Fashion Design, I headed to the “fashion capital” known by everyone – Milan. Yes, I admit, I am very grateful that I had the chance to embrace this opportunity, because on one hand I was lucky to meet wonderful teachers, who share their   knowledge and experience and generously offered valuable information and not at least my colleagues and friends beautiful souls, creative, lively, with team spirit. Thanks to all of them now I am in front of you and I can share all of these details.


I stopped, I thought, and as you can see, I did it! Because I am an ambitious person here I am now in front of you with blog :)) More like a joke but half seriously I have taken the first steps, I now know that a have a lot of beautiful “stories” that I can share with you, interesting articles about fashion vs style, the beauty of human body, lifestyle, travel for each pocket expenses, Milan’s direct fashion style and a lot of other surprises, just here on the blog!


Because you had the patience to read until the end I have good news for you!

Fashion can “dress” everyone, it does not matter about age, size or gender.

In the contact form, I am waiting for your opinions about which topics you would like to talk here on the blog.

Hugs and do not forget to shine every day!